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Nicole Bernard (PhD)

Centre for Translational Biology
Department of Medicine (McGill)

Research Profile

 Fundamental: 100%
 Clinical: 0%
 Epidemiology: 0%
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HIV/AIDS • immunology • virology • host responses to HIV • NK cells • NK cell receptors • T cells

Research Interests

My research focuses on why some people who are exposed to HIV multiple times do not become infected. I am also interested in understanding why a small subset of HIV infected people control their HIV infection without treatment and exhibit very slow HIV disease progression. We have found evidence that Natural Killer cells play a role in protection from infection and slow time to AIDS in those infected. One of our research goals is to understand the mechanisms underlying these favorable responses to HIV.

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Latest Publications

  1. Bellini, N., Lodge, R., Pham, T. N. Q., Jain, J., Murooka, T. T., Herschhorn, A., Bernard, N. F., Routy, J.-P., Tremblay, C. L. & Cohen, É. A. (2022). MiRNA-103 downmodulates CCR5 expression reducing human immunodeficiency virus type-1 entry and impacting latency establishment in CD4+ T cells. iScience, vol. 25, p. 105234.
  2. Alsulami, K., Sadouni, M., Tremblay-Sher, D., Baril, J.-G., Trottier, B., Dupuy, F. P., Chartrand-Lefebvre, C., Tremblay, C., Durand, M. & Bernard, N. F. (2022). High frequencies of adaptive NK cells are associated with absence of coronary plaque in cytomegalovirus infected people living with HIV. Medicine, vol. 101, p. e30794.
  3. Bernard, N. F., Alsulami, K., Pavey, E. & Dupuy, F. P. (2022). NK Cells in Protection from HIV Infection. Viruses, vol. 14.
  4. Bernard, N. F., Kant, S., Kiani, Z., Tremblay, C. & Dupuy, F. P. (2022). Natural Killer Cells in Antibody Independent and Antibody Dependent HIV Control. Frontiers in immunology, vol. 13, p. 879124.
  5. Isnard, S., Royston, L., Lin, J., Fombuena, B., Bu, S., Kant, S., Mabanga, T., Berini, C., El-Far, M., Durand, M., Tremblay, C. L., Bernard, N. F., Kroemer, G. & Routy, J.-P. (2022). Distinct Plasma Concentrations of Acyl-CoA-Binding Protein (ACBP) in HIV Progressors and Elite Controllers. Viruses, vol. 14.
  6. Verma, V., Drury, G. L., Parisien, M., Özdağ Acarli, A. N., Al-Aubodah, T.-A., Nijnik, A., Wen, X., Tugarinov, N., Verner, M., Klares, R., Linton, A., Krock, E., Morado Urbina, C. E., Winsvold, B., Fritsche, L. G., Fors, E. A., Piccirillo, C., Khoutorsky, A., Svensson, C. I., Fitzcharles, M. A., Ingelmo, P. M., Bernard, N. F., Dupuy, F. P., Üçeyler, N., Sommer, C., King, I. L., Meloto, C. B., Diatchenko, L. & HUNT-All In Pain (2022). Unbiased immune profiling reveals a natural killer cell-peripheral nerve axis in fibromyalgia. Pain, vol. 163, p. e821-e836.
  7. Nagel, L., Kant, S., Leeks, C., Routy, J.-P., Tremblay, C., Thomas, R., Szabo, J., Côté, P., Trottier, B., LeBlanc, R., Rouleau, D., Dupuy, F. P., Bernard, N. F. & investigators in Montreal Primary HIV Infection cohort (2021). Evolution of Antibodies to Native Trimeric Envelope and Their Fc-Dependent Functions in Untreated and Treated Primary HIV Infection. Journal of virology, vol. 95, p. e0162521.
  8. Alsulami, K., Bolastig, N., Dupuy, F. P., Mabanga, T., Gilbert, L., Kiani, Z., Routy, J.-P., Bruneau, J., Thomas, R., Tremblay, C., Tsoukas, C. M., Szabo, J., Côté, P., Trottier, B., LeBlanc, R., Rouleau, D., Bernard, N. F. & investigators in the Montreal Primary HIV Infection cohort (2021). Influence of NKG2C Genotypes on HIV Susceptibility and Viral Load Set Point. Journal of virology, vol. 95, p. e0041721.
  9. Meziane, O., Alexandrova, Y., Olivenstein, R., Dupuy, F. P., Salahuddin, S., Thomson, E., Orlova, M., Schurr, E., Ancuta, P., Durand, M., Chomont, N., Estaquier, J., Bernard, N. F., Costiniuk, C. T. & Jenabian, M.-A. (2021). Peculiar Phenotypic and Cytotoxic Features of Pulmonary Mucosal CD8 T Cells in People Living with HIV Receiving Long-Term Antiretroviral Therapy. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), vol. 206, p. 641-651.
  10. Kant, S., Zhang, N., Barbé, A., Routy, J.-P., Tremblay, C., Thomas, R., Szabo, J., Côté, P., Trottier, B., LeBlanc, R., Rouleau, D., Harris, M., Dupuy, F. P. & Bernard, N. F. (2020). Polyfunctional Fc Dependent Activity of Antibodies to Native Trimeric Envelope in HIV Elite Controllers. Frontiers in immunology, vol. 11, p. 583820.
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