Lab Information

Jean-Pierre Routy (MD)

Senior Scientist
Centre for Translational Biology
Department of Medicine (McGill)

Research Profile

 Fundamental: 50%
 Clinical: 50%
 Epidemiology: 0%
 Evaluation: 0%
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HIV • vaccine • lymphoma • T cells • cytokines

Research Interests

My research focuses on HIV pathogenesis aiming at finding an HIV cure. Improving knowledge in immune tolerance in cancer and in immune privileged sites (central nervous system, testis) will be key to develop strategy to conquer cancers and auto-immune diseases.

Team Members

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Latest Publications

  1. Carmona-Perez, L., Dagenais-Lussier, X., Mai, L. T., Stögerer, T., Swaminathan, S., Isnard, S., Rice, M. R., Barnes, B. J., Routy, J. P., van Grevenynghe, J. & Stager, S. (2023). The TLR7-IRF-5 axis sensitizes memory CD4+ T cells to Fas-mediated apoptosis during HIV-1 infection. JCI insight.
  2. Isnard, S., Royston, L., Scott, S. C., Mabanga, T., Lin, J., Fombuena, B., Bu, S., Berini, C. A., Goldberg, M. S., Finkelman, M., Brouillette, M.-J., Fellows, L. K., Mayo, N. E. & Routy, J.-P. (2023). Translocation of bacterial LPS is associated with self-reported cognitive abilities in men living with HIV receiving antiretroviral therapy. AIDS research and therapy, vol. 20, p. 30.
  3. Ouyang, J., Yan, J., Zhou, X., Isnard, S., Harypursat, V., Cui, H., Routy, J.-P. & Chen, Y. (2023). Relevance of biomarkers indicating gut damage and microbial translocation in people living with HIV. Frontiers in immunology, vol. 14, p. 1173956.
  4. Routy, J.-P. & Isnard, S. (2023). An army marches on its stomach: immunometabolic dysregulation in persons with HIV. AIDS (London, England), vol. 37, p. 1171-1173.
  5. Routy, J.-P. & Pai, N. P. (2022). World AIDS Day 2022: A bittersweet commemoration of the global HIV/AIDS response. The Indian journal of medical research, vol. 156, p. 701-704.
  6. Bunet, R., Roy-Cardinal, M.-H., Ramani, H., Cleret-Buhot, A., Durand, M., Chartrand-Lefebvre, C., Routy, J.-P., Thomas, R., Trottier, B., Ancuta, P., Hanna, D. B., Landay, A. L., Cloutier, G., Tremblay, C. L. & El-Far, M. (2023). Differential Impact of IL-32 Isoforms on the Functions of Coronary Artery Endothelial Cells: A Potential Link with Arterial Stiffness and Atherosclerosis. Viruses, vol. 15.
  7. Alsulami, K., Dupuy, F. P., Gilbert, L., Messier-Peet, M., Durand, M., Tremblay, C., Routy, J.-P., Bruneau, J., Baril, J.-G., Trottier, B. & Bernard, N. F. (2023). The Frequency and Function of NKG2C+CD57+ Adaptive NK Cells in Cytomagalovirus Co-Infected People Living with HIV Decline with Duration of Antiretroviral Therapy. Viruses, vol. 15.
  8. Dufour, C., Richard, C., Pardons, M., Massanella, M., Ackaoui, A., Murrell, B., Routy, B., Thomas, R., Routy, J.-P., Fromentin, R. & Chomont, N. (2023). Phenotypic characterization of single CD4+ T cells harboring genetically intact and inducible HIV genomes. Nature communications, vol. 14, p. 1115.
  9. Said, E. A., Ancuta, P., Routy, J.-P., Vartanian, J.-P. & Al-Jabri, A. A. (2023). Editorial: Modulation of the adaptive immune responses and chronicity of infections with enveloped viruses. Frontiers in immunology, vol. 14, p. 1137399.
  10. Zaongo, S. D., Ouyang, J., Isnard, S., Zhou, X., Harypursat, V., Cui, H., Routy, J.-P. & Chen, Y. (2023). Candida albicans can foster gut dysbiosis and systemic inflammation during HIV infection. Gut microbes, vol. 15, p. 2167171.
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