The IDIGH Program Management Committee consists of representatives from all three pillars of the program (fundamental research, epidemiology & health outcome and clinical research), external (non-IDIGH program) members and trainees. Our committee meets 3-4 times/year to address issues related to the program and to discuss strategies and action points to move the IDIGH program forward towards its objective of becoming a world leading centre for translational research in infectious and immune-mediated diseases of global importance.


 IDIGH Program Management Meeting. Photo by Jing Liu
IDIGH Program Management Meeting.


Dr. Erwin Schurr (Program Leader)
Dr. Marcel Behr (Associate Program Leader)
Dr. Alexandra de Pokomandy (Associate Program Leader)

Representatives of fundamental research

Dr. Nicole Bernard
Dr. Ciriaco Piccirillo

Representatives of epidemiology & health outcome research

Dr. Theresa Gyorkos
Dr. Marina Klein
Dr. Madhukar Pai

Representatives of clinical research

Dr. Don Sheppard
Dr. Marcel Behr

Representatives of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows

Céleste Pilon (co-president of the IDIGH trainee committee)
Harshita Patel (co-president of the IDIGH trainee committee)

External (non-IDIGH program) members

Dr. Maziar Divangahi