Lab Information

Marina Klein (MD/MSc)

Senior Scientist
Centre for Outcomes Research and Evaluation
Department of Medicine (McGill)

Research Profile

 Fundamental: 0%
 Clinical: 20%
 Epidemiology: 80%
 Evaluation: 0%
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HIV • Hepatitis C • clinical trials • epidemiology • antiretrovirals • prospective cohort

Research Interests

My research focuses on the treatment of patients with HIV and chronic hepatitis. As a prominent researcher in clinical and epidemiologic aspects of HIV and Hepatitis C co-infection, I lead one the largest multicenter cohorts focused on HIV/HCV co-infection in the world, recruiting more than one thousand HIV/HCV co-infected patients across Canada. The primary objectives of the CIHR funded cohort are to study the interactions between these two chronic viruses and their natural history in the era of combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) and to evaluate therapeutic strategies aimed at improving health outcomes in co-infected persons. We are also focused on understanding the roles of co-morbidities in the natural history of HIV/HCV co-infection. In addition, I am involved in a number of observational epidemiologic research collaborations (NA-ACCORD and CANOC) that focus on understanding long term clinical and treatment outcomes in HIV infection. My other research interests include antiretroviral pharmacoepidemiology and HIV infection in women.

Team Members

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Latest Publications

  1. Klein, M. B. & Young, J. (2022). Can integrase inhibitors reduce mortality?. The lancet. HIV, vol. 9, p. e371-e372.
  2. Kaufman, E., Williamson, T., Mayrand, M.-H., Burchell, A. N., Klein, M., Charest, L., Rodrigues-Coutlée, S., Coutlée, F., de Pokomandy, A. & EVVA study group (2022). Identifying risk factors for prevalent anal human papillomavirus type 16 infection in women living with HIV. PloS one, vol. 17, p. e0268521.
  3. Rodriguez Duque, D., Stephens, D. A., Moodie, E. E. M. & Klein, M. B. (2022). Semiparametric Bayesian inference for optimal dynamic treatment regimes via dynamic marginal structural models. Biostatistics (Oxford, England).
  4. Lee, J. S., Humes, E., Hogan, B. C., Justice, A. C., Klein, M., Gebo, K., John Gill, M., Silverberg, M. J., Rebeiro, P., Horberg, M., Karris, M., Rabkin, C., Moore, R. D., Althoff, K. N. & North American AIDS Cohort Collaboration on Research and Design (NA-ACCORD) (2022). Observed CD4 counts at entry into HIV care and at antiretroviral therapy prescription by age in the USA, 2004-18: a cohort study. The lancet. HIV, vol. 9 Suppl 1, p. S2.
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  9. Klein, M. B. (2022). Simplifying HCV treatment: a pathway to elimination and model for delivering health care to vulnerable populations. The lancet. Gastroenterology & hepatology, vol. 7, p. 277-279.
  10. Engler, K., Vicente, S., Ma, Y., Hijal, T., Cox, J., Ahmed, S., Klein, M., Achiche, S., Pant Pai, N., de Pokomandy, A., Lacombe, K. & Lebouché, B. (2021). Implementation of an electronic patient-reported measure of barriers to antiretroviral therapy adherence with the Opal patient portal: Protocol for a mixed method type 3 hybrid pilot study at a large Montreal HIV clinic. PloS one, vol. 16, p. e0261006.
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