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Joseph Cox (MD/MSc)

Centre for Outcomes Research and Evaluation
Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health (McGill)

Research Profile

 Fundamental: 0%
 Clinical: 100%
 Epidemiology: 0%
 Evaluation: 0%
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Public health • preventive medicine • epidemiology • quantitative methods • addiction • HIV • HCV • HIV-HCV co-infection • men who have sex with men • injection drug use • prevention and care interventions

Research Interests

Public health practice and research focused on monitoring sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections and related determinants, among priority populations (gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs). Epidemiological research focused on the evaluation of interventions to improve the health and care of people living with substance use disorders, HIV and hepatitis C.

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Latest Publications

  1. Lanièce Delaunay, C., Klein, M. B., Godin, A., Cox, J., Kronfli, N., Lebouché, B., Doyle, C. & Maheu-Giroux, M. (2023). Public health interventions, priority populations, and the impact of COVID-19 disruptions on hepatitis C elimination among people who have injected drugs in Montreal (Canada): A modeling study. The International journal on drug policy, vol. 116, p. 104026.
  2. Young, J., Wang, S., Lanièce Delaunay, C., Cooper, C. L., Cox, J., Gill, M. J., Hull, M., Walmsley, S., Wong, A., Klein, M. B. & Canadian Coinfection Cohort Investigators (2023). The rate of hepatitis C reinfection in Canadians coinfected with HIV and its implications for national elimination. The International journal on drug policy, vol. 114, p. 103981.
  3. Sang, J. M., Wang, L., Moore, D. M., Barath, J., Lal, A., Hart, T. A., Skakoon-Sparling, S., Noor, S. W., Chown, S., Lambert, G., Cox, J., Jollimore, J., Parlette, A., Apelian, H., Grace, D. & Lachowsky, N. J. (2023). Examining Associations Between Resilience and PrEP Use Among HIV-negative GBM in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. AIDS and behavior.
  4. Chambers, C., Deeks, S. L., Sutradhar, R., Cox, J., de Pokomandy, A., Grennan, T., Hart, T. A., Lambert, G., Moore, D. M., Grace, D., Grewal, R., Jollimore, J., Lachowsky, N. J., Mah, A., Nisenbaum, R., Ogilvie, G., Sauvageau, C., Tan, D. H. S., Yeung, A. & Burchell, A. N. (2023). Self-reported Human Papillomavirus Vaccination and Vaccine Effectiveness Among Men Who Have Sex with Men: A Quantitative Bias Analysis. Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.), vol. 34, p. 225-229.
  5. Chambers, C., Deeks, S. L., Sutradhar, R., Cox, J., de Pokomandy, A., Grennan, T., Hart, T. A., Lambert, G., Moore, D. M., Grace, D., Grewal, R., Jollimore, J., Lachowsky, N., Nisenbaum, R., Ogilvie, G., Sauvageau, C., Tan, D. H. S., Coutlée, F. & Burchell, A. N. (2023). Vaccine effectiveness against 12-month incident and persistent anal human papillomavirus infection among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men. The Journal of infectious diseases.
  6. Mboumba Bouassa, R.-S., Needham, J., Nohynek, D., Singer, J., Lee, T., Bobeuf, F., Samarani, S., Del Balso, L., Paisible, N., Vertzagias, C., Sebastiani, G., Margolese, S., Mandarino, E., Klein, M., Lebouché, B., Cox, J., Brouillette, M.-J., Routy, J.-P., Szabo, J., Thomas, R., Huchet, E., Vigano, A., Jenabian, M.-A. & Costiniuk, C. T. (2022). Safety and Tolerability of Oral Cannabinoids in People Living with HIV on Long-Term ART: A Randomized, Open-Label, Interventional Pilot Clinical Trial (CTNPT 028). Biomedicines, vol. 10.
  7. Park, H., Linthwaite, B., Dussault, C., Halavrezos, A., Chalifoux, S., Sherman, J., Del Balso, L., Buxton, J. A., Cox, J. & Kronfli, N. (2022). Factors associated with changes in illicit opioid use during the COVID-19 pandemic among incarcerated people who use drugs in Quebec, Canada. International journal of prisoner health.
  8. Hart, T. A., Noor, S. W., Tavangar, F., Berlin, G. W., Skakoon-Sparling, S., Tan, D. H. S., Lambert, G., Grace, D., Jollimore, J., Sang, J. M., Kirschbaum, A. L., Kanji, R., Apelian, H., Cox, J., Moore, D. M. & Lachowsky, N. (2023). Crystal methamphetamine use and bacterial sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among gay, bisexual and other sexual minority men in Canada. Drug and alcohol dependence, vol. 242, p. 109718.
  9. Kronfli, N., Dussault, C., Maheu-Giroux, M., Halavrezos, A., Chalifoux, S., Park, H., Balso, L. D., Cheng, M. P. & Cox, J. (2022). Importance of occupation for SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence and COVID-19 vaccination among correctional workers in Quebec, Canada: A cross-sectional study. Frontiers in public health, vol. 10, p. 1021871.
  10. Sebastiani, G., Paisible, N., Costiniuk, C., Cox, J., Kablawi, D., Klein, M. B., Kronfli, N., Routy, J.-P., Falutz, J., Lebouché, B. & Guaraldi, G. (2022). The Relationship between Visceral Adiposity and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Diagnosed by Controlled Attenuation Parameter in People with HIV: A Pilot Study. Diagnostics (Basel, Switzerland), vol. 12.
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