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Makeda Semret (MD/MSc)

Clinical Research Unit
Department of Medicine (McGill)

Research Profile

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 Clinical: 100%
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Hospital infections • infection control • molecular diagnostics • antimicrobial resistance

Research Interests

My research focuses on hospital-associated infections (HAI) in Africa and in Canada, with an emphasis on specific infection control measures that will improve quality of care and patient safety. HAI and antimicrobial resistance are a major cause of morbidity and mortality among hospitalized patients in industrialized countries. The burden of HAI and of antimicrobial resistance is largely unknown in Africa, where systematic surveillance is limited by weak laboratory infrastructure. We are systematically analyzing the characteristics of HAI in a large referral hospital in Ethiopia, in conjunction with training in infectious diseases and support of the microbiology laboratory. Additionally we are assessing the impact of laboratory diagnostics and of antimicrobial stewardship interventions on patient outcomes, antimicrobial prescriptions and antimicrobial resistance patterns in Ethiopia and in Canada.

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Latest Publications

  1. Pott, H., Andrew, M. K., Shaffelburg, Z., Nichols, M. K., Ye, L., ElSherif, M., Hatchette, T. F., LeBlanc, J., Ambrose, A., Boivin, G., Bowie, W., Johnstone, J., Katz, K., Lagacé-Wiens, P., Loeb, M., McCarthy, A., McGeer, A., Poirier, A., Powis, J., Richardson, D., Semret, M., Smith, S., Smyth, D., Stiver, G., Trottier, S., Valiquette, L., Webster, D., McNeil, S. A., Serious Outcomes Surveillance SOS Network of the Canadian Immunization Research Network CIRN & Toronto Invasive Bacterial Diseases Network TIBDN (2023). Vaccine Effectiveness of non-adjuvanted and adjuvanted trivalent inactivated influenza vaccines in the prevention of influenza-related hospitalization in older adults: A pooled analysis from the Serious Outcomes Surveillance (SOS) Network of the Canadian Immunization Research Network (CIRN). Vaccine.
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