Lab Information

Elena Netchiporouk (MD/MSc)

Junior Scientist
Centre for Translational Biology
Department of Medicine (McGill)

Research Profile

 Fundamental: 50%
 Clinical: 20%
 Epidemiology: 30%
 Evaluation: 0%
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Chronic spontaneous urticaria • scleroderma • morphea • systemic sclerosis • skin fibrosis

Research Interests

The incidence of autoimmune diseases affecting the skin and/or internal organs is rising steadily, but at a rate that cannot be explained by genetics alone. This argues for the importance of environmental causes in disease initiation and, possibly, progression. Pollutants and microorganisms (e.g., viruses) may directly damage our cells and elicit production of auto-antibodies by our immune system against our own cells. My research program focuses on understanding the interaction between environment and autoimmune diseases affecting the skin, specifically chronic urticaria and systemic sclerosis. While both are autoimmune in nature, they are completely different with respect to their clinical presentation and prognosis, which makes them ideal to study in parallel.

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Latest Publications

  1. Oliel, S., Moussa, S., Stanciu, M. & Netchiporouk, E. (2023). Rapid hair regrowth in an alopecia universalis patient with deucravacitinib: A case report. SAGE open medical case reports, vol. 11, p. 2050313X231213135.
  2. Moussa, S. & Netchiporouk, E. (2023). Comparative efficacy of ligelizumab versus omalizumab in chronic spontaneous urticaria. Lancet (London, England).
  3. Zhu, C. K., Nguyen, A., Prosty, C., Gabrielli, S., Mulé, P., Netchiporouk, E., Le, M., Zhang, X., Shand, G., Baum, S., Hakroush, R., Greenberger, S., Ollech, A., Miedzybrodzki, B. & Ben-Shoshan, M. (2023). Safety of COVID-19 mRNA vaccination and effects of SARS-CoV-2 infection in children and adults with mast cell disorders. Clinical and experimental medicine.
  4. Joly-Chevrier, M., Gélinas, A., Ghazal, S., Moussa, S., McCuaig, C. C., Piram, M., Mereniuk, A., Litvinov, I. V., Osman, M., Pehr, K. & Netchiporouk, E. (2023). Morphea, Eosinophilic Fasciitis and Cancer: A Scoping Review. Cancers, vol. 15.
  5. Luo, O. D., Ridha, Z., Jfri, A., Rezaeian, M., Muntyanu, A., Ringuet, J. & Netchiporouk, E. (2023). Neighborhood characteristics and the risk of psoriasis: A systematic review. JAAD international, vol. 13, p. 100-101.
  6. Safoine, M., Bouffard, D., Netchiporouk, E. & Maari, C. (2023). Palmar syringofibroadenoma-like lesions in Clouston syndrome treated with CO2 ablative laser. JAAD case reports, vol. 39, p. 61-63.
  7. Muntyanu, A., Nechaev, V., Pastukhova, E., Logan, J., Rahme, E., Zubarev, A., Netchiporouk, E. & Litvinov, I. V. (2023). Burden and geographic distribution of oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancers in the Russian Federation. Frontiers in oncology, vol. 13, p. 1197287.
  8. Zhu, C., Gabrielli, S., Khoury, L., Osman, M., Litvinov, I. V., Iannattone, L., Lefrançois, P. & Netchiporouk, E. (2023). Immunosenescence, Inflammaging and Dermatology: Insights and Opportunities. Journal of cutaneous medicine and surgery, p. 12034754231194009.
  9. Lagacé, F., Noorah, B. N., Conte, S., Mija, L. A., Chang, J., Cattelan, L., LeBeau, J., Claveau, J., Turchin, I., Gulliver, W., Gniadecki, R., Netchiporouk, E., Miller, W. H., Salopek, T. G., Rahme, E., Peláez, S. & Litvinov, I. V. (2023). Assessing Skin Cancer Risk Factors, Sun Safety Behaviors and Melanoma Concern in Atlantic Canada: A Comprehensive Survey Study. Cancers, vol. 15.
  10. Conte, S., Aldien, A. S., Jetté, S., LeBeau, J., Alli, S., Netchiporouk, E., Lagacé, F., Lefrançois, P., Iannattone, L. & Litvinov, I. V. (2023). Skin Cancer Prevention across the G7, Australia and New Zealand: A Review of Legislation and Guidelines. Current oncology (Toronto, Ont.), vol. 30, p. 6019-6040.
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