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Carolyn Jack (MD/PhD)

Junior Scientist
Centre for Translational Biology
Department of Medicine (McGill)

Research Profile

 Fundamental: 50%
 Clinical: 40%
 Epidemiology: 0%
 Evaluation: 10%
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Dermatology • Immunology • Atopic dermatitis • Immunophenotyping • T cell • Biomarkers

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Latest Publications

  1. Ghazal, S., Ridha, Z., D'Aguanno, K., Nassim, D., Quaiattini, A., Netchiporouk, E., Poulin, Y., Kalia, S., Marcoux, D., Piguet, V. & Jack, C. (2022). Treatment Guidelines for Atopic Dermatitis Since the Approval of Dupilumab: A Systematic Review and Quality Appraisal Using AGREE-II. Frontiers in medicine, vol. 9, p. 821871.
  2. Papp, K. A., Hong, C.-H., Lansang, M. P., Turchin, I., Adam, D. N., Beecker, J. R., Bissonnette, R., Gooderham, M. J., Jack, C., Joseph, M., Lynde, C. W. & Shear, N. H. (2021). Practical Management of Patients with Atopic Dermatitis on Dupilumab. Dermatology and therapy, vol. 11, p. 1805-1828.
  3. Belmesk, L., Muntyanu, A., Cantin, E., AlHalees, Z., Jack, C. S., Le, M., Sasseville, D., Iannattone, L., Ben-Shoshan, M., Litvinov, I. V. & Netchiporouk, E. (2021). Prominent Role of Type 2 Immunity in Skin Diseases-Beyond Atopic Dermatitis. Journal of cutaneous medicine and surgery, p. 12034754211027858.
  4. Maintz, L., Bieber, T., Bissonnette, R. & Jack, C. (2021). Measuring Atopic Dermatitis Disease Severity: The Potential for Electronic Tools to Benefit Clinical Care. The journal of allergy and clinical immunology. In practice, vol. 9, p. 1473-1486.e2.
  5. Ratnarajah, K., Le, M., Muntyanu, A., Mathieu, S., Nigen, S., Litvinov, I. V., Jack, C. S. & Netchiporouk, E. (2020). Inhibition of IL-13: A New Pathway for Atopic Dermatitis [Formula: see text]. Journal of cutaneous medicine and surgery, vol. 25, p. 315-328.
  6. Jack, C. & El Helou, T. (2017). Non-healing ulcerative paronychia. Lancet (London, England), vol. 389, p. 1740.
  7. Jack, C., Mashiko, S., Arbour, N., Bissonnette, R. & Sarfati, M. (2017). Persistence of interleukin (IL)-17A+ T lymphocytes and IL-17A expression in treatment-resistant psoriatic plaques despite ustekinumab therapy. The British journal of dermatology, vol. 177, p. 267-270.
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