Lab Information

Brian Ward (MD)

Senior Scientist
Centre for Translational Biology
Department of Medicine (McGill)

Research Profile

 Fundamental: 75%
 Clinical: 25%
 Epidemiology: 0%
 Evaluation: 0%
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Vaccines • respiratory viruses • international health • parasitology • diagnostics

Research Interests

My research focuses on: the development and evaluation of novel virus-like particle vaccines (eg: influenza, measles) in both young and elderly subjects, international health issues with a particular focus on factors that influence HIV transmission, virus-nutritional interactions, and the development of new diagnostic tests for parasitic diseases. My laboratory sits at the junction between infectious diseases clinic and the basic science laboratory. Projects can start at either end of this spectrum and move from 'bed to the bench-top' or from 'bench-top to the bed'. Most of the basic work is carried out in Montreal with satellite facilities in Peru and Zimbabwe. Human vaccine studies are conducted at the MUHC Vaccine Study Centre in Pierrefonds, QC.

Team Members

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Latest Publications

  1. Shapiro, J. R., Andreani, G., Dubé, C., Berubé, M., Bussière, D., Couture, M.-M., Dargis, M., Hendin, H. E., Landry, N., Lavoie, P.-O., Pillet, S., Ward, B. J., D'Aoust, M.-A. & Trépanier, S. (2023). Development and characterization of a plant-derived norovirus-like particle vaccine. Vaccine, vol. 41, p. 6008-6016.
  2. Hanula, R., Bortolussi-Courval, É., Mendel, A., Ward, B. J., Lee, T. C. & McDonald, E. G. (2023). Evaluation of Oseltamivir Used to Prevent Hospitalization in Outpatients With Influenza: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. JAMA internal medicine.
  3. Hassan, A. S., Houle, S., Labrie, L., Perera, D. J., Dozois, C. M., Ward, B. J. & Ndao, M. (2023). Salmonella Typhimurium expressing chromosomally integrated Schistosoma mansoni Cathepsin B protects against schistosomiasis in mice. NPJ vaccines, vol. 8, p. 27.
  4. Kaplonek, P., Cizmeci, D., Lee, J.-S., Shin, S. A., Fischinger, S., Gobeil, P., Pillet, S., Charland, N., Ward, B. J. & Alter, G. (2023). Robust induction of functional humoral response by a plant-derived Coronavirus-like particle vaccine candidate for COVID-19. NPJ vaccines, vol. 8, p. 13.
  5. Gobeil, P., Pillet, S., Boulay, I., Charland, N., Lorin, A., Cheng, M. P., Vinh, D. C., Boutet, P., Van Der Most, R., Roman, F., Ceregido, M. A., Landry, N., D'Aoust, M.-A. & Ward, B. J. (2022). Durability and cross-reactivity of immune responses induced by a plant-based virus-like particle vaccine for COVID-19. Nature communications, vol. 13, p. 6905.
  6. Charland, N., Gobeil, P., Pillet, S., Boulay, I., Séguin, A., Makarkov, A., Heizer, G., Bhutada, K., Mahmood, A., Trépanier, S., Hager, K., Jiang-Wright, J., Atkins, J., Saxena, P., Cheng, M. P., Vinh, D. C., Boutet, P., Roman, F., Van Der Most, R., Ceregido, M. A., Dionne, M., Tellier, G., Gauthier, J.-S., Essink, B., Libman, M., Haffizulla, J., Fréchette, A., D'Aoust, M.-A., Landry, N. & Ward, B. J. (2022). Safety and immunogenicity of an AS03-adjuvanted plant-based SARS-CoV-2 vaccine in Adults with and without Comorbidities. NPJ vaccines, vol. 7, p. 142.
  7. Valerio, V., Rampakakis, E., Zanos, T. P., Levy, T. J., Shen, H. C., McDonald, E. G., Frenette, C., Bernatsky, S., Hudson, M., Ward, B. J. & Colmegna, I. (2022). High Frequency of COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy among Canadians Immunized for Influenza: A Cross-Sectional Survey. Vaccines, vol. 10.
  8. Alvarez, F., Istomine, R., Hendin, H., Hodgins, B., Pillet, S., Fritz, J. H., Charland, N., Ward, B. J. & Piccirillo, C. A. (2022). A Hemagglutinin 1 Carrying Plant-Based Virus-like Particle Vaccine Generates an Efficacious Cellular Response by Exploiting IL-1 Signaling in Both Adult and Aged Mice. ImmunoHorizons, vol. 6, p. 384-397.
  9. Dubé, C., Paris-Robidas, S., Andreani, G., Gutzeit, C., D'Aoust, M.-A., Ward, B. J. & Trépanier, S. (2022). Broad neutralization against SARS-CoV-2 variants induced by ancestral and B.1.351 AS03-Adjuvanted recombinant Plant-Derived Virus-Like particle vaccines. Vaccine, vol. 40, p. 4017-4025.
  10. Hager, K. J., Pérez Marc, G., Gobeil, P., Diaz, R. S., Heizer, G., Llapur, C., Makarkov, A. I., Vasconcellos, E., Pillet, S., Riera, F., Saxena, P., Geller Wolff, P., Bhutada, K., Wallace, G., Aazami, H., Jones, C. E., Polack, F. P., Ferrara, L., Atkins, J., Boulay, I., Dhaliwall, J., Charland, N., Couture, M. M. J., Jiang-Wright, J., Landry, N., Lapointe, S., Lorin, A., Mahmood, A., Moulton, L. H., Pahmer, E., Parent, J., Séguin, A., Tran, L., Breuer, T., Ceregido, M.-A., Koutsoukos, M., Roman, F., Namba, J., D'Aoust, M.-A., Trepanier, S., Kimura, Y., Ward, B. J. & CoVLP Study Team (2022). Efficacy and Safety of a Recombinant Plant-Based Adjuvanted Covid-19 Vaccine. The New England journal of medicine, vol. 386, p. 2084-2096.
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