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Inés Colmegna (MD)

Centre for Translational Biology
Department of Medicine (McGill)

Research Profile

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 Clinical: 0%
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Rheumatology • arthritis • vaccine responses in rheumatology patients • stem and progenitor cells • aging • immunology

Research Interests

My research focuses on evaluating the mechanisms underlying the development and perpetuation of the most common form of inflammatory polyarthritis: rheumatoid arthritis. Specifically, my group studies the impact of aging on human immune and stem/progenitor cell function. This will help in understanding the interplay of aging with immune tolerance and the risk of developing autoimmune disorders. In addition, we are interested in evaluating how protective responses generated by vaccines can be enhanced in people with rheumatologic conditions. This will help in reducing the morbidity and mortality of vaccine preventable diseases in this vulnerable group.

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Latest Publications

  1. Habib, R., Dayam, R. M., Hitchon, C., Chandran, V., Fortin, P. R., Boire, G., Bowdish, D. M. E., Gingras, A.-C., Flamand, L., Larché, M. J., Colmegna, I., Lukusa, L., Lee, J. L. F., Pereira, D., Bernstein, C. N., Lalonde, N., Turnbull, E., Bernatsky, S. & SUCCEED investigative team (2024). Duration of Postvaccination Neutralizing Antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 and Medication Effects: Results from the Safety and Immunogenicity of COVID-19 Vaccination in Systemic Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Diseases Cohort Study. ACR open rheumatology.
  2. Zhao, K., Oualkacha, K., Zeng, Y., Shen, C., Klein, K., Lakhal-Chaieb, L., Labbe, A., Pastinen, T., Hudson, M., Colmegna, I., Bernatsky, S. & Greenwood, C. M. T. (2024). Addressing dispersion in mis-measured multivariate binomial outcomes: A novel statistical approach for detecting differentially methylated regions in bisulfite sequencing data. Statistics in medicine.
  3. Bowdish, D. M. E., Chandran, V., Hitchon, C. A., Kaplan, G. G., Avina-Zubieta, J. A., Fortin, P. R., Larché, M. J., Boire, G., Gingras, A.-C., Dayam, R. M., Colmegna, I., Lukusa, L., Lee, J. L. F., Richards, D. P., Pereira, D., Watts, T. H., Silverberg, M. S., Bernstein, C. N., Lacaille, D., Benoit, J., Kim, J., Lalonde, N., Gunderson, J., Allard-Chamard, H., Roux, S., Quan, J., Hracs, L., Turnbull, E., Valerio, V., Bernatsky, S. & SUCCEED investigative team (2024). When Should I Get My Next COVID Vaccine? Data from the SUrveillance of responses to COVID-19 vaCcines in systEmic immunE mediated inflammatory Diseases (SUCCEED)study. The Journal of rheumatology, vol. 51, p. 721-727.
  4. Migowa, A., Njeru, C. M., Were, E., Ngwiri, T., Colmegna, I., Hitchon, C. & Scuccimarri, R. (2024). Kawasaki disease in Kenya and review of the African literature. Pediatric rheumatology online journal, vol. 22, p. 43.
  5. Flatman, L. K., Malhamé, I., Colmegna, I., Bérard, A., Bernatsky, S. & Vinet, É. (2024). Tumour necrosis factor inhibitors and serious infections in reproductive-age women and their offspring: a narrative review. Scandinavian journal of rheumatology, p. 1-12.
  6. Colmegna, I., Valerio, V., Amiable, N., Useche, M., Rampakakis, E., Flamand, L., Rollet-Labelle, E., Bessette, L., Fitzcharles, M.-A., Hazel, E., McCormack, D., Michou, L., Panopalis, P., Langlois, M.-A., Bernatsky, S. & Fortin, P. R. (2023). COVID-19 Vaccine in Immunosuppressed Adults with Autoimmune rheumatic Diseases (COVIAAD): safety, immunogenicity and antibody persistence at 12 months following Moderna Spikevax primary series. RMD open, vol. 9.
  7. Morozan, A., Joy, S., Fujii, U., Fraser, R., Watters, K., Martin, J. G. & Colmegna, I. (2023). Superiority of systemic bleomycin to intradermal HOCl for the study of interstitial lung disease. Scientific reports, vol. 13, p. 20577.
  8. Yu, J. C. Y., Zeng, Y., Zhao, K., Lu, T., Oros Klein, K., Colmegna, I., Lora, M., Bhatnagar, S. R., Leask, A., Greenwood, C. M. T. & Hudson, M. (2023). Novel insights into systemic sclerosis using a sensitive computational method to analyze whole-genome bisulfite sequencing data. Clinical epigenetics, vol. 15, p. 96.
  9. Colmegna, I. & Libman, M. (2023). The 2022 ACR vaccination guideline: a call-to-action. Nature reviews. Rheumatology, vol. 19, p. 263-264.
  10. Costiniuk, C. T., Singer, J., Needham, J., Yang, Y., Qian, H., Chambers, C., Burchell, A. N., Samji, H., Colmegna, I., Del Canto, S., Godin, G.-H., Habanyama, M., Hui, C., Kroch, A., Mandarino, E., Margolese, S., Martin, C., Owino, M., Mohammadi, T., Zhang, W., Pelaez, S., Kovacs, C., Benko, E., Vulesevic, B., Cooper, C. L. & Anis, A. H. (2023). Understanding COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence in People Living with HIV: A pan-Canadian Survey. AIDS and behavior, p. 1-13.
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