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Waqqas Afif (MD/MSc)

Clinical Research Unit
Department of Medicine (McGill)

Research Profile

 Fundamental: 0%
 Clinical: 20%
 Epidemiology: 80%
 Evaluation: 0%
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Inflammatory bowel disease • Crohn's disease • ulcerative colitis • biologic medications • therapeutic drug monitoring

Research Interests

My research focuses on the safety and efficiency of biologic medications in the treatment of IBD. I am interested in the use of therapeutic drug monitoring to optimize the treatment of IBD patients on biologic medications.

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Latest Publications

  1. Gorodensky, J. H., Bernatsky, S., Afif, W., St-Pierre, Y., Filion, K. B. & Vinet, É. (2023). Serious Infections in Offspring Exposed in Utero to Vedolizumab. Inflammatory bowel diseases.
  2. Wetwittayakhlang, P., Verdon, C., Starr, M., Hahn, G. D., Golovics, P. A., Bessissow, T., Afif, W., Wild, G., Bitton, A. & Lakatos, P. L. (2023). Mucosal Healing and Clinical Efficacy of Adalimumab in Small Intestinal Crohn's Disease (SIMCHA Study): Final Results From a Prospective, Open-Label, Single-Arm Study. The Turkish journal of gastroenterology : the official journal of Turkish Society of Gastroenterology.
  3. Kablawi, D., Aljohani, F., Palumbo, C. S., Restellini, S., Bitton, A., Wild, G., Afif, W., Lakatos, P. L., Bessissow, T. & Sebastiani, G. (2023). Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Increases Cardiovascular Risk in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. Crohn's & colitis 360, vol. 5, p. otad004.
  4. Wetwittayakhlang, P., Golovics, P. A., Khoury, A. A., Ganni, E., Hahn, G. D., Cohen, A., Wyse, J., Bradette, M., Bessissow, T., Afif, W., Wild, G., Bitton, A. & Lakatos, P. L. (2022). Adherence to Objective Therapeutic Monitoring and Outcomes in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease with Adalimumab Treatment. A Real-world Prospective Study. Journal of gastrointestinal and liver diseases : JGLD, vol. 31, p. 403-410.
  5. Heron, V., Li Fraine, S., Panaccione, N., Restellini, S., Germain, P., Candido, K., Bernstein, C. N., Bessissow, T., Bitton, A., Chauhan, U. K., Lakatos, P. L., Marshall, J. K., Michetti, P., Seow, C. H., Rosenfeld, G., Panaccione, R. & Afif, W. (2022). Efficacy of Intravenous Ustekinumab Reinduction in Patients With Crohn's Disease With a Loss of Response. Journal of the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology, vol. 5, p. 208-213.
  6. Hahn, G. D., LeBlanc, J.-F., Golovics, P. A., Wetwittayakhlang, P., Qatomah, A., Wang, A., Boodaghians, L., Liu Chen Kiow, J., Al Ali, M., Wild, G., Afif, W., Bitton, A., Lakatos, P. L. & Bessissow, T. (2022). Effectiveness, safety, and drug sustainability of biologics in elderly patients with inflammatory bowel disease: A retrospective study. World journal of gastroenterology, vol. 28, p. 4823-4833.
  7. Hahn, G. D., Golovics, P. A., Wetwittayakhlang, P., Santa Maria, D. M., Britto, U., Wild, G. E., Afif, W., Bitton, A., Bessissow, T. & Lakatos, P. L. (2022). Safety of Biological Therapies in Elderly Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Journal of clinical medicine, vol. 11.
  8. Rivière, P., Kanters, C., Pellet, G., Ni, A., Hupé, M., Aboulhamid, N., Poullenot, F., Bitton, A., Zerbib, F., Lakatos, P. L., Afif, W., Laharie, D. & Bessissow, T. (2023). Comparative Effectiveness of Ustekinumab and Anti-TNF Agent as First-Line Biological Therapy in Luminal Crohn's Disease: A Retrospective Study From 2 Referral Centers. Inflammatory bowel diseases, vol. 29, p. 923-931.
  9. Bessissow, T., Kron, C. M., Marcus, V., Lemieux, C., Laneuville, J., Afif, W., Wild, G., Lakatos, P. L., Brassard, P. & Bitton, A. (2022). Impact of Endoscopic and Histologic Activity on Disease Relapse in Ulcerative Colitis. The American journal of gastroenterology, vol. 117, p. 1632-1638.
  10. Farid, D., Li, P., Da Costa, D., Afif, W., Szabo, J., Dasgupta, K. & Rahme, E. (2022). Depression, diabetes and immigration status: a retrospective cohort study using the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging. CMAJ open, vol. 10, p. E508-E518.
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