The 7th IDIGH Research Day was eagerly awaited this year after three years of absence from the premises of the RI-MUHC. Sunlight was already beaming into the atrium of the RI-MUHC as students from the student committee were setting up the site early in the morning with some excitement to receive nearly 200 guests.

Aperçu de la journée
Overview of the day.

The day began with opening remarks from four women who hold leadership roles at different levels at the RI-MUHC, specifically Aunona Kabir and Céleste Pilon, the two co-presidents of the student committee, Alexandra de Pokomandy, IDIGH Program Co-Leader, and Rhian Touyz, RI-MUHC Executive Director.

Aunonna Kabir, Céleste Pilon, Alexandra de Pokomandy and Rhian Touyz.

The morning was reserved for oral presentations by students at an early stage their research career, while the afternoon brought together presentations by students with several years of experience. The ten oral presentations of the day reflected several themes of the IDIGH Program, from basic research to clinical and outcomes research.

Discussion and networking were also an important elements of the day with poster presentations and display of products from the many sponsors present in the atrium of the RI-MUHC. In total there were 29 poster presentations presented by members of the program in addition to some technology platforms. The highlight of the day was the presentation by Andrés Finzi, associate professor at the University of Montreal, on the entry mechanisms of the HIV-1 and SARS-CoV-2 viruses.

Photos de la Journée de la recherche.
A lot of interactions and discussion occurred during the Research Day.

Ciriaco Piccirillo then delivered an inspiring speech on the future of the IDIGH program and the importance of each of its members in achieving ambitious goals. The awards for the best presentations were then handed out before everyone went to celebrate in the atrium with drinks specially created for the event by Dilhan Perera. The prizes awarded for best presentations are as follows:

Oral presentations (early career): 

  1. Yichun Sun 
  2. Jackson Chen 
  3. Seerat Chawla 

Oral presentations (senior): 

  1. Alicia Reyes Valenzuela 
  2. Émilie Bortolussi-Courval 
  3. Mikhaël Attias 
Gagnants des meilleures présentations
Oral presentation awardees.

Poster presentations:

  • Marialuisa Vigano 
  • Nathan Markarian 
  • Esma Mouhoub 
  • George Dong 

Thanks to Cal Koger-Pease who was the main photographer for the event this year and all the volunteers without whom the day would not have been possible.

Comité étudiant
Trainee committee.

You can see all the photos by clicking here.