Drs. Mohamed Shengir and Serge Vicente.


Congratulations to Drs. Serge Vicente and Mohamed Shengir who have just received scholarships!

Serge Vicente, postdoctoral fellow with Drs. Bertrand Lebouché, Tibor Schuster and Joseph Cox, received a grant ($ 50,000 / year) from the Canadian Network for HIV Trials from CIHR for his project: Developing methodological and statistical expertise  in pragmatic  trials for HIV research: an application in the assessment of mHealth effectiveness to enhance HIV care. Serge Vicente holds a PhD in Statistics from the University of Montreal. He entered HIV research in 2015 as a member of a patient advisory committee. His role was to provide feedback on a study related to a new measure of patient-reported outcome measure  for use in HIV care, led by Dr. Bertrand Lebouché. Dr. Vicente progressively became co-investigator / patient-partner on other studies on HIV conducted by Dr. Lebouché and his team.

Mohamed Shengir, PhD student with Dr. Giada Sebastiani, received a grant ($ 25,000 / year) from the Canadian Hepatitis C Network for his project:Metabolic and cardiovascular complications in people living with hepatitis C post-sustained virologic response with direct acting antiviral drugs. He is an International Medical Graduate (MD) from Libya. He recently obtained a master's degree in experimental medicine from McGill University (February 2021) and is currently a PhD candidate in the same program under the supervision of Dr. Giada Sebastiani. His work focuses on diseases of the liver, in particular non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and the hepatitis C virus.