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Theresa Gyorkos (PhD)

Senior Scientist
Centre for Outcomes Research and Evaluation
Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health (McGill)

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Global health • parasite epidemiology • neglected tropical diseases

Research Interests

My research focuses on parasite epidemiology and the prevention and control of parasitic disease worldwide. I have been a researcher in global health and infectious (parasite) disease epidemiology for over 25 years and have conducted population-based primary epidemiological field research both in Canada and abroad. My Canadian-based research has focused primarily on infections in child and educator populations in the daycare setting and imported and endemic parasite infections in at-risk populations (eg. immigrants, travelers). My global health research activities center mainly on: 1. deworming control programs in high risk population subgroups (eg. preschool-age children, school-age children and pregnant women); 2. interdisciplinary approaches to the prevention and control of endemic infectious and parasitic diseases; 3. the interrelationship between infection and (mal)nutrition in child populations and women of reproductive age (including pregnant women) and, 4. reducing health inequities in communities of extreme poverty in endemic areas of low-and-middle-income countries.

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Latest Publications

  1. Segoviano-Lorenzo, M. D. C., Trigo-Esteban, E., Gyorkos, T. W., St-Denis, K., Guzmán, F.-M. & Casapía-Morales, M. (2022). Prevalence of malnutrition, anemia, and soil-transmitted helminthiasis in preschool-age children living in peri-urban populations in the Peruvian Amazon. Cadernos de saude publica, vol. 38, p. e00248221.
  2. Larson, C. P., Plamondon, K. M., Dubent, L., Bicaba, F., Bicaba, A., Minh, T. H., Nguyen, A., Girard, J. E., Ramdé, J. & Gyorkos, T. W. (2022). The Equity Tool for Valuing Global Health Partnerships. Global health, science and practice, vol. 10.
  3. Gyorkos, T. W., Carabin, H., Phillip, M., Benedict, L., Davis, A., Hatcher Roberts, J., Wasan, K. M., Ndao, M. & Krentel, A. (2021). Canadian contributions to research on neglected tropical diseases. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, vol. 15, p. e0009476.
  4. Mofid, L. S., Casapía, M., Montresor, A., Rahme, E., Marquis, G. S., Vercruysse, J., Allen, L. H., Blouin, B., Razuri, H., Pezo, L. & Gyorkos, T. W. (2021). Maternal postpartum deworming and infant milk intake: Secondary outcomes from a trial. Maternal & child nutrition, vol. 17, p. e13183.
  5. Gyorkos, T. W. (2020). Attempt to assess Canada's expertise in global health research falls short. Health research policy and systems, vol. 18, p. 130.
  6. Montresor, A., Mupfasoni, D., Mikhailov, A., Mwinzi, P., Lucianez, A., Jamsheed, M., Gasimov, E., Warusavithana, S., Yajima, A., Bisoffi, Z., Buonfrate, D., Steinmann, P., Utzinger, J., Levecke, B., Vlaminck, J., Cools, P., Vercruysse, J., Cringoli, G., Rinaldi, L., Blouin, B. & Gyorkos, T. W. (2020). The global progress of soil-transmitted helminthiases control in 2020 and World Health Organization targets for 2030. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, vol. 14, p. e0008505.
  7. St-Denis, K., Blouin, B., Rahme, E., Casapia, M., Montresor, A., Mupfasoni, D., Mbabazi, P. S. & Gyorkos, T. W. (2020). Ruling out early trimester pregnancy when implementing community-based deworming programs. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, vol. 14, p. e0007901.
  8. Blouin, B., Casapia, M., Kaufman, J. S., Joseph, L., Larson, C. & Gyorkos, T. W. (2019). Bayesian Methods for Exposure Misclassification Adjustment in a Mediation Analysis: Hemoglobin and Malnutrition in the Association Between Ascaris and IQ. Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.), vol. 30, p. 659-668.
  9. Gyorkos, T. W. & St-Denis, K. (2019). Systematic review of exposure to albendazole or mebendazole during pregnancy and effects on maternal and child outcomes, with particular reference to exposure in the first trimester. International journal for parasitology, vol. 49, p. 541-554.
  10. Freeman, M. C., Akogun, O., Belizario, V., Brooker, S. J., Gyorkos, T. W., Imtiaz, R., Krolewiecki, A., Lee, S., Matendechero, S. H., Pullan, R. L. & Utzinger, J. (2019). Challenges and opportunities for control and elimination of soil-transmitted helminth infection beyond 2020. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, vol. 13, p. e0007201.
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