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Ken Dewar (PhD)

McGill University
Department of Human Genetics (McGill)

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Genomics • comparative genomics • DNA sequence analysis

Research Interests

My research interests straddle advanced DNA sequencing technologies and bioinformatics. I am interested in strategies for genome assembly and how to use bioinformatics to know that “we have got it right”, then using the assemblies as references to discern genetic variation and to annotate genetic processes. I firmly believe that genomics is not only transforming human biomedical research, but is revolutionizing research across the full breadth of life sciences. The ability to use core instrumentation and expertise throughout biology is underpinning new advances in the fields of research including, but not limited to human and animal medicine, food safety, environmental assessment, and biotechnology.

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Latest Publications

  1. D'Iorio, M. & Dewar, K. (2023). Replication-associated inversions are the dominant form of bacterial chromosome structural variation. Life science alliance, vol. 6.
  2. Béliveau, C., Gagné, P., Picq, S., Vernygora, O., Keeling, C. I., Pinkney, K., Doucet, D., Wen, F., Johnston, J. S., Maaroufi, H., Boyle, B., Laroche, J., Dewar, K., Juretic, N., Blackburn, G., Nisole, A., Brunet, B., Brandao, M., Lumley, L., Duan, J., Quan, G., Lucarotti, C. J., Roe, A. D., Sperling, F. A. H., Levesque, R. C. & Cusson, M. (2022). The Spruce Budworm Genome: Reconstructing the Evolutionary History of Antifreeze Proteins. Genome biology and evolution, vol. 14.
  3. Abed, J. Y., Déraspe, M., Bérubé, È., D'Iorio, M., Dewar, K., Boissinot, M., Corbeil, J., Bergeron, M. G. & Roy, P. H. (2021). Complete Genome Sequences of Klebsiella michiganensis and Citrobacter farmeri, KPC-2-Producers Serially Isolated from a Single Patient. Antibiotics (Basel, Switzerland), vol. 10.
  4. Cavalcanti, G. S., Wasserscheid, J., Dewar, K. & Shikuma, N. J. (2020). Complete Genome Sequences of Two Marine Biofilm Isolates, Leisingera sp. nov. Strains 201A and 204H, Novel Representatives of the Roseobacter Group. Microbiology resource announcements, vol. 9.
  5. Bayega, A., Djambazian, H., Tsoumani, K. T., Gregoriou, M.-E., Sagri, E., Drosopoulou, E., Mavragani-Tsipidou, P., Giorda, K., Tsiamis, G., Bourtzis, K., Oikonomopoulos, S., Dewar, K., Church, D. M., Papanicolaou, A., Mathiopoulos, K. D. & Ragoussis, J. (2020). De novo assembly of the olive fruit fly (Bactrocera oleae) genome with linked-reads and long-read technologies minimizes gaps and provides exceptional Y chromosome assembly. BMC genomics, vol. 21, p. 259.
  6. Péan, N., Le Lay, A., Brial, F., Wasserscheid, J., Rouch, C., Vincent, M., Myridakis, A., Hedjazi, L., Dumas, M.-E., Grundberg, E., Lathrop, M., Magnan, C., Dewar, K. & Gauguier, D. (2020). Dominant gut Prevotella copri in gastrectomised non-obese diabetic Goto-Kakizaki rats improves glucose homeostasis through enhanced FXR signalling. Diabetologia, vol. 63, p. 1223-1235.
  7. Hebert, F. O., Freschi, L., Blackburn, G., Béliveau, C., Dewar, K., Boyle, B., Gundersen-Rindal, D. E., Sparks, M. E., Cusson, M., Hamelin, R. C. & Levesque, R. C. (2019). Expansion of LINEs and species-specific DNA repeats drives genome expansion in Asian Gypsy Moths. Scientific reports, vol. 9, p. 16413.
  8. Desloges, I., Taylor, J. A., Leclerc, J.-M., Brannon, J. R., Portt, A., Spencer, J. D., Dewar, K., Marczynski, G. T., Manges, A., Gruenheid, S., Le Moual, H. & Thomassin, J.-L. (2019). Identification and characterization of OmpT-like proteases in uropathogenic Escherichia coli clinical isolates. MicrobiologyOpen, vol. 8, p. e915.
  9. Minerbi, A., Gonzalez, E., Brereton, N. J. B., Anjarkouchian, A., Dewar, K., Fitzcharles, M.-A., Chevalier, S. & Shir, Y. (2019). Altered microbiome composition in individuals with fibromyalgia. Pain, vol. 160, p. 2589-2602.
  10. Lypaczewski, P., Hoshizaki, J., Zhang, W.-W., McCall, L.-I., Torcivia-Rodriguez, J., Simonyan, V., Kaur, A., Dewar, K. & Matlashewski, G. (2018). A complete Leishmania donovani reference genome identifies novel genetic variations associated with virulence. Scientific reports, vol. 8, p. 16549.
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