A few photos of the event. 

This year, two important events in HIV research in Quebec were combined, the Journées québécoises du VIH and the "Points forts de la conférence IAS", both led by Dr. Jean-Pierre Routy.The decision to combine the two events on August 26 and August 27 was made by the organizing committees following the uncertainties and restrictions related to the third wave of COVID-19 in spring 2021.Thereby offering the possibility of attending both events in person. After a long period in virtual mode, the two events took place in the spacious areas of the Sofitel Hotel in Montreal. This warm reunion was welcomed many attendees. The two-day event kicked off with brief student presentations, some of which were via video conference, representing a smooth transition from the virtual world to the in person supper-conference “Points forts de la conférence IAS” that was to follow.

This post-IAS conference was hosted by Joseph-Jean Gilles from GAP-VIES. Drs. Nicolas Chomont, Jean-Pierre Routy, Jean-Guy Baril, Réjean Thomas and Cécile Tremblay discussed the hot topics of the last IAS conference in Berlin that took place in virtual mode earlier this year. Five themes were addressed:  Basic Science – Implications of Care for Clinicians, Treatments, Comorbidities, Prevention and Epidemiology, and HIV and COVID-19. It was apparent that the researchers and stakeholders were excited to meet and discuss.

The following day was entirely reserved for oral presentations on HIV, viral hepatitis and even COVID-19, by both students and researchers.  Moreover, under this latter theme, Dr. Andrés Finzi of the CHUM Research Centre presented his research on the vaccine response against COVID-19 which attracted a lot of interest among participants who filled the large hall of the Sofitel. We also note that the conferences of Drs. Alexandra de Pokomandy, Karine Lacombe, Julie Bruneau, Marina Klein, Marie-Josée Brouillette, Martin Pagé and several students were all very well received.

Dr. Alexandra de Pokomandy and her colleague Dr. Mohamed N'dongo Sangaré during a presentation on the HIV Cohort in Quebec.

It can be said that the efforts to carry out a face-to-face event made by Dr. Jean-Pierre Routy, who is acting Director of the Réseau SIDA et maladies infectieuses (SIDA-MI) and President of the des Journées québécoises du VIH, were extremely important and essential to the success of this event. At the same time, they reflect the vitality and responsiveness of researchers in the field who have been able to adapt to the pandemic. This bodes well for next summer’s international event, AIDS 2022, which is also co-chaired locally by Dr. Jean-Pierre Routy. It will be an exceptional showcase for Quebec’s HIV/AIDS research, as well as for Montreal, its local policy makers and activists.