Drs. Todd Lee, Cecilia Costiniuk and Dr. Giada Sebastiani are FRQS award recipients.

Congratulations to the IDIGH  researchers and trainees who received awards from the FRQS! Here is the list (the original titles are in French):


  • Dr. Giada Sebastiani, Clinical Research Scholar, Senior: Risk profiling and screening strategies to combat the silent epidemic of non-alcoholic fatty liver.
  • Dr. Todd Lee, Clinical Research Scholar, Junior 2: Harnessing Clinical Trials Networks to Improve Treatment of Patients with Important Infectious Diseases.
  • Dr. Cecilia Costiniuk, Clinical Research Scholar, Junior 2: Immune disruption in people living with HIV: interactions with pulmonary reservoirs of HIV and possible targets for intervention. 


  • Yulia Alexandrova, Master's student in Dr. Cecilia Costiniuk's team: Characterization of CD8 T lymphocytes residing in the pulmonary mucosa in individuals living with HIV under treatment with antiretrovirals.
  • Dominic Chu, PhD student in Dr. Bertrand Lebouché's team: Promoting self-management and adherence of people living with HIV using a patient portal (Opal) in an urban HIV clinic: a pilot study from implementation to mixed method.
  • Andrea Lafleur, Master's student in Dr. Martin Olivier's team: Impact of endovirus LRV1 on the infectious behavior of the Leishmania parasite: A proteomic, transcriptomic and metabolomic study.
  • Dilhan Perera, PhD student in Dr.  Momar Ndao's team: Development of an intranasal schistosome vaccine for obtaining sterilizing immunity against schistosomiasis.
  • Ivan Marbaniang, PhD student in Dr. Joseph Cox's Team: Understanding the Mediating Role of Perceived Discrimination in the Use of Mental Health Services Among Gay, Bisexual and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men Using a Framework of quantitative intersectionality.


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