Congratulations to the IDIGH Program PIs who have received a seed fund grant from MI4.

MI4 Seed Fund Grants (Round 3)

*IDIGH PIs in bold

Congratulations to the following IDIGH PIs who received funding from the MI4 Seed Fund Grand program for the following projects:

Drs. Makeda Semret and Nicole Basta titled: MENELIC-1 - Impact of mobile clinical decision support tool on prescription behaviour and patient outcomes in low-resource settings: A pilot trial of self-stewardship in Ethiopia

Drs. Evelyne Vinet and Lawrence Rudsk titled: At the heart of the matter - Speckle tracking echocardiography in lupus mothers and their offspring

Support of the MI4 Seed Fund Grant program has been provided by the Montreal Neurological Institute, The Montreal General Hospital Foundation and the Doggone Foundation donation to McGill University.For more information and to view the list of all grant recipients of current and previous rounds, click here.


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