Dr. Jean Pierre Routy participated in a groundbreaking study on HIV published in Nature.

Congratulations to Jean-Pierre Routy and Don Vinh! Our two IDIGH members and MUHC physicians contributed to papers that are among Nature's top 10 discoveries of 2020 in all scientific fields. Read more here.

Dr. Jean-Pierre Routy is the only Canadian among an American team of researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Emory University in Atlanta to  achieved a long-sought-after goal: to push the HIV virus out of dormancy. Read more here. View publication here.

“The HIV virus hides in CD4+ T cells in a latent form that is invisible to immune cells. We ‘pulled’ it out of the human gene in a way that was never achieved before, so that it could be recognized and attacked by the immune system. And we succeeded in doing this both in mice tolerating human blood —‘humanized’ mice—and in SIV-infected monkeys, which gives us great hopes for the future.” —Dr. Jean-Pierre Routy.

Dr. Don Vinh who is the Director of the MUHC COVID-19 Biobank, is also part of a international consortium team who discovered genetic and immunological causes of 15 percent of life-threatening COVID-19 cases..

The article from the consortium in which Dr. Don Vinh is a member “Autoantibodies against type I IFNs in patients with life-threatening COVID-19”. Can be found in summary on the RI-MUHC website. View the original article here.

“Now, we understand that the disruption of a very important immune agent, type I interferon, is the cause of some of the worst cases of COVID-19.”  —Dr. Don Vinh.