Congratulation to Dr. Giada Sebastiani for her grant as nominated principal applicant (NPA)!

NPA: Sebastiani, Giada Co-applicantsCooper, Curtis L; Klein, Marina B; Monteith, Kenneth M; Moodie, Erica E; Pick, Neora; Price, Colleen E; Saeed, Sahar Z; Walmsley, Sharon L. "The role of fatty liver in the epidemic of advanced chronic liver disease among people living with HIV' ($685,440/5 yrs).

We also congratulate all researchers of the IDIGH program who were involved in other grants as principal applicants/co-applicants (in bold):

NPA: Cermakian, Nicolas Co-applicantOlivier, Martin. "Circadian regulation of host-pathogen interactions in vector-borne parasitic infections"  ($1,005,975/5 yrs)

NPA: Burchell, Ann N Principal applicantsCox, John J; De Pokomandy, Alexandra; Grennan, Jonathan (Troy); Hart, Trevor A; Lambert, Gilles; Moore, David M Co-applicants: Brisson, Marc; Chambers, Catharine T; Coutlée, François; Deeks, Shelley L; Franco, Eduardo L; Grace, Daniel; Grewal, Ramandip; Jollimore, Jody; Lachowsky, Nathan J; Nisenbaum, Rosane; Ogilvie, Gina S; Sauvageau, Chantal; Tan, Darrell H. "Effectiveness of human papillomavirus vaccine in gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men" ($569,924/4 yrs)

NPA: Brodt, Pnina Co-applicants: Bathe, Oliver F; Mader, Sylvie N; Piccirillo, Ciriaco A "Regulatory circuits controlling the immune microenvironment of liver metastases" ($807,075/5 yrs)

NPA: Kassouf, Wassim Co-applicantsPiccirillo, Ciriaco A; Spicer, Jonathan D "Implication of neutrophil extracellular traps in the efficacy of bladder-sparing therapy in muscle invasive bladder cancer" ($902,700/5 yrs)

NPA: Daskalopoulou, Styliani Co-applicants: Agharazii, Mohsen; Brophy, James M; Bujold, Emmanuel; Carty, David; Da Costa, Deborah M; De Vrijer, Barbra; Delles, Christian; Dendukuri, Nandini; Eastabrook, Genevieve D; Fortier, Isabel; Gagnon, Robert; Lim, Kenneth I; Nerenberg, Kara A; Pierce, Gary; Stoner, Lee; Tran, Karen "Early Prediction of preeclampsia Using arteriaL Stiffness in high-risk prEgnancies; a multinational study (PULSE)" ($1,844,570/5 yrs)

NPA: Kao, Dina H Co-applicants: Dordunoo, Dzifa; Lee, Christine H; Lee, Todd C; Loo, Vivian G; Louie, Thomas J; Marshall, Deborah A; Musaji, Andrei; Steiner, Theodore S; Wong, Karen "A multicentre, double blind, randomized trial comparing lyophilized fecal filtrate to lyophilized stool in treating recurrent Clostridiodes difficile infection" ($1,314,115/4 yrs)