IDIGH investigators are involved in 7 out of the 12 MI4 seed fund grants. These projects will be highlighted during the first MI4 Symposium on June 3, 2019. 

MI4 Seed Fund Grants

PI names: Michael B. Reed & Ioannis Ragoussis
Title: Integration of genomics and metagenomics for the surveillance of the Lyme disease vector Ixodes scapularis in Canada and the USA

PI names: Madhukar Pai & Scott Weichenthal
Title: A Deadly Combination: Air Pollution and TB in India

PI names: Bluma Brenner & Nadine Kronfli
Title: Design of a Rapid Point-of-Care PCR device for the diagnosis and management of HIV, HCV and other infectious diseases for key vulnerable populations in real-world settings

PI names: Selena Sagan & Nicole Bernard
Investigation of the functionality of anti-Respiratory Syncytial Virus specific antibodies

PI names: Sara Mahshid & Momar Ndao
Title: Apta-Nanosurface Fluidic Assay for Specific and Rapid Detection of Parasites via a Labelfree Electrical Readout

MI4-MNI Collaborative Seed Fund Grant

PI names: Heidi McBride & Erwin Schurr
Title: Unraveling the microbial contributions to Parkinson’s Disease

MI4-GCRC Collaborative Seed Fund Grant

PI names: Ines Colmegna & Logan Walsh
Title: Humanized Mouse Models to Untangle Mechanisms of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors- Immune Related Adverse Events and Effects of their treatment in Tumor Biology

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Latest IDIGH Publications

  1. Tessier-Cloutier, B., Twa, D. D., Baecklund, E., Gascoyne, R., Johnson, N. A., Backlin, C., Kamen, D. L., Clarke, A. E., Ramsey-Goldman, R., Lee, J. L., Farinha, P. & Bernatsky, S.
    Cell of origin in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in systemic lupus erythematosus: molecular and clinical factors associated with survival
    Lupus science & medicine
  2. Blouin, B., Casapia, M., Kaufman, J. S., Joseph, L., Larson, C. & Gyorkos, T. W.
    Bayesian methods for exposure misclassification adjustment in a mediation analysis: Hemoglobin and malnutrition in the association between Ascaris and IQ
    Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.)
  3. Lin, C., Slama, J., Gonzalez, P., Goodman, M. T., Xia, N., Kreimer, A. R., Wu, T., Hessol, N. A., Shvetsov, Y., Ortiz, A. P., Grinsztejn, B., Moscicki, A.-B., Heard, I., Del Refugio González Losa, M., Kojic, E. M., Schim van der Loeff, M. F., Wei, F., Longatto-Filho, A., Mbulawa, Z. A., Palefsky, J. M., Sohn, A. H., Hernandez, B. Y., Robison, K., Simpson, S., Conley, L. J., de Pokomandy, A., van der Sande, M. A. B., Dube Mandishora, R. S., Volpini, L. P. B., Pierangeli, A., Romero, B., Wilkin, T., Franceschi, S., Hidalgo-Tenorio, C., Ramautarsing, R. A., Park, I. U., Tso, F. K., Godbole, S., D'Hauwers, K. W. M., Sehnal, B., Menezes, L. J., Heráclio, S. A. & Clifford, G. M.
    Cervical determinants of anal HPV infection and high-grade anal lesions in women: a collaborative pooled analysis
    The Lancet. Infectious diseases
  4. Widdifield, J., Bernatsky, S., Pope, J. E., Ahluwalia, V., Barber, C. E. H., Eder, L., Kuriya, B., Ling, V., Paterson, J. M. & Thorne, C.
    Encounters with Rheumatologists in a Publicly-Funded Canadian Healthcare System: A Population-Based Study
    The Journal of rheumatology
  5. Miller, R. L., Ponte, R., Jones, B. R., Kinloch, N. N., Omondi, F. H., Jenabian, M.-A., Dupuy, F. P., Fromentin, R., Brassard, P., Mehraj, V., Chomont, N., Poon, A. F. Y., Joy, J. B., Brumme, Z. L., Routy, J.-P. & ORCHID study group.
    HIV diversity and genetic compartmentalization in blood and testes during suppressive antiretroviral therapy
    Journal of virology
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