Dr. Momar Ndao solves a five year mysterious infection and sets his patient David Ray on the road to recovery.

Dr. Momar Ndao was interviewed by CTV News regarding the identification of a parasite responsible for mysterious symptoms that plagued a patient for 5 years after being bitten by a dog. During the 5 years he was misdiagnosed by several doctors. The track marks on the patient's skin led Dr. Ndao to perform tests with specific antibodies, followed by a blood sample (since this parasite is not present in the stool) in order to precisely identify the parasite: Larva migrants. The patient was then given the appropriate treatment and is now recovering .Watch video here. This article can also be found on the MUHC Foundation site.

"This is a larva that goes under the skin and travels through the body leaving marks on the skin, when I heard that I thought of parasites." - Dr. Momar Ndao

The patient Mr. David Ray started a fund raiser with the goal of raising $80,000 to support Dr. Ndao's reseach. To contribute please click here.