Dr. Donald Vinh is one of the authors of the 2 studies in Science

Two studies published in Science by an international consortium of researchers, in which Dr. Donald Vinh is involved, provide a first answer to a crucial question: why does the individual vulnerability to COVID-19 vary so much in the population?

The findings show that about 15 percent of patients who suffer from life-threatening COVID-19 have one thing in common: a defect in the activity of type I interferons (IFNs), molecules of the immune system that normally have a powerful antiviral activity. This defect is either caused by the presence of auto-antibodies directed against those molecules or by genetic abnormalities that decrease their production. These findings could make it possible to detect people at risk of developing a severe form of the disease in all age groups and to better treat patients with these conditions. — MUHC Website

Congratulations to Dr. Vinh, and also Dr. Matthew Cheng (listed as COVID Clinicians), for this high impact work!

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