The RI-MUHC, through joint coordination by the research programs and the Desjardins Centre for Advanced Training, is hosting a Summer Student Research Day on Monday, August 13th from 8:45 to 15:00.  

Who can participate

Any (undergraduate) student, visiting student enrolled at the RI-MUHC as a summer student, intern or volunteer. Summer students from all research programs are invited to present their work (literature review, results of experiments they have conducted or participated to, etc.) in either poster or oral format. Two oral presentations will be chosen from each research program from the submitted abstracts. Other abstracts will be presented as a poster. There is no competition and the presentations will not be judged. A small participation gift will be provided to all participants.

How does a summer student submit an abstract

Abstracts are due on Wednesday, July 18th, and may be submitted using the following site:

Information that will be required to submit an abstract

Abstract title, Authors, Affiliations, Abstract body (max. 400 words). If you would like to be considered for an oral presentation please select “oral” or both “oral/poster” when you submit your abstract. If you are not chosen for an oral presentation, than you will be able to present a poster. 

Oral Presentations

Up to 2 oral presentations will be chosen from each research program. Each presenter will have 8 minutes for their powerpoint presentation. Plan for ~6 minutes for your presentation which should cover an intro, hypothesis, methods, results, and conclusions. Leave ~ 2 minutes for questions.

Poster Presentations

If your abstract is not chosen for an oral, each presenter will have to opportunity to present their summer research project on a poster. Pushpins will be provided and feel free to print individual powerpoint slides should you not be able to print a large poster. Maximum size of poster is 45" wide x 45" high. During the poster session, each summer student will have 2 minutes to “pitch” their poster. Use this pitch to introduce yourself, your research, and your major outcomes in a succinct and clear manner. Each summer student will then have up to 3 minutes to answer questions and provide additional details. Once again, remember to have fun, avoid jargon, and make your presentation accessible to a broad audience!

Other information

Lunch will be provided to the presenters and one additional person (PI or supervising trainee). Coffee and dessert will be provided to all attendees during the poster session.


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