• The Global Health Scholars Program is designed to provide global health research opportunities to outstanding McGill undergraduate students through hands-on training and mentorship.
  • The program will pair a student with a McGill faculty member to assist on an International, Northern Canada, or Montreal-based global health research project during the summer.
  • The program accepts project submissions across all McGill faculties and provides funding to cover student travel and a small stipend.


Project Eligibility:

  • The project must address a critical global health challenge or priority and provide hands-on training and mentorship for a student.  
  • The principal investigator of the project must be a McGill Faculty member.
  • The project site location(s) can be International, in Northern Canada, or in Montreal.
  • The student must work on the project between May 1, 2019 – August 31, 2019.
  • The project must provide a total of 240 hours of work for the student (the equivalent of 6 weeks of full-time work).
  • For International or Northern Canada projects the student must spend a minimum of 4 full weeks (28 days) on-site.
  • Research projects involving human subjects must have the approval of a McGill authorized REB by May 2019 to be eligible for the program.
  • Students are not allowed to travel to countries or regions with a DFATD-3 or higher (avoid all non-essential travel or avoid all travel) warning.


Funding value:

  • International Projects - Students will receive $ 5,000.00 (for travel costs and a small stipend)
  • Northern Canada Projects - Students will receive $ 5,000.00 (for travel costs and a small stipend)
  • Montreal-based Projects -  Students will receive $ 2,500.00 (for a small stipend)


Submission information:

All applications must be completed and submitted through the Global Health Programs online project submission portal at https://www.mcgill.ca/globalhealth/node/2466


Global health program contact:

Christine DeSantis, Student Affairs Administrator, 514-398-2409


Additional information:

Information on the Global Health Scholars Program and program requirements can be found on our website

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