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Dr. Vivian Loo

Clinical Research Unit
Department of Medicine (McGill)

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 Clinical: 100%
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Clostridium difficile • healthcare-associated infections • infection control

Research Interests

My research focuses on healthcare-associated infections and I have a particular interest in Clostridium difficile infections (CDI) . My research examines the epidemiology of CDI, looking at risk factors for infection and colonization as well as different strategies for prevention of transmssion. I am also involved in the evaluation of rapid diagnostic tests for CDI.

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Latest Publications

  1. Schweitzer, L., Gervais, P., Paquet-Bolduc, B., Loo, V. G. & Longtin, Y. (2021). Detection of Free Toxin B in the Stool of Asymptomatic Clostridioides difficile Carriers by the Cell Cytotoxicity Neutralization Assay. Open forum infectious diseases, vol. 8, p. ofab209.
  2. Gilbert, L., Miller, K., Medeiros, D., Tsatoumas, M., Ciarallo, A., Isabwe, G., Malek, J., Loo, V. G. & Kumar, P. N. (2020). A disease disregards anatomical planes: actinomycosis and an intrauterine device. Lancet (London, England), vol. 396, p. 1766.
  3. Golizeh, M., Winter, K., Roussel, L., Landekic, M., Langelier, M., Loo, V. G., Ndao, M. & Vinh, D. C. (2021). Fecal host biomarkers predicting severity of Clostridioides difficile infection. JCI insight, vol. 6.
  4. Mashock, M. J., Faron, M. L., Carroll, K. C., Dang, C., Lewis, S., Salimnia, H., Lephart, P., Loo, V. G., Schmitt, B. H., Young, S., Buchan, B. W. & Ledeboer, N. A. (2020). A Multicenter Study of the Revogene C. difficile System for Detection of the Toxin B Gene from Unformed Stool Specimens. Journal of clinical microbiology, vol. 58.
  5. Mascarella, M. A., Schweitzer, L., Alreefi, M., Silver, J., Caglar, D., Loo, V. G., Richardson, K., Dufresne, P., Lee, T. C. & Sadeghi, N. (2019). The infectious thyroid nodule: a case report of mucormycosis associated with ibrutinib therapy. Journal of otolaryngology - head & neck surgery = Le Journal d'oto-rhino-laryngologie et de chirurgie cervico-faciale, vol. 48, p. 49.
  6. Poirier, D., Gervais, P., Fuchs, M., Roussy, J.-F., Paquet-Bolduc, B., Trottier, S., Longtin, J., Loo, V. G. & Longtin, Y. (2020). Predictors of Clostridioides difficile Infection Among Asymptomatic, Colonized Patients: A Retrospective Cohort Study. Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, vol. 70, p. 2103-2210.
  7. Kong, L. Y., Eyre, D. W., Corbeil, J., Raymond, F., Walker, A. S., Wilcox, M. H., Crook, D. W., Michaud, S., Toye, B., Frost, E., Dendukuri, N., Schiller, I., Bourgault, A.-M., Dascal, A., Oughton, M., Longtin, Y., Poirier, L., Brassard, P., Turgeon, N., Gilca, R. & Loo, V. G. (2019). Clostridium difficile: Investigating Transmission Patterns Between Infected and Colonized Patients Using Whole Genome Sequencing. Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, vol. 68, p. 204-209.
  8. Paquet-Bolduc, B., Gervais, P., Roussy, J.-F., Trottier, S., Oughton, M., Brukner, I., Longtin, J., Loo, V. G., Dascal, A. & Longtin, Y. (2018). Detection and Isolation of Clostridium difficile Asymptomatic Carriers During Clostridium difficile Infection Outbreaks: An Exploratory Study. Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, vol. 67, p. 1781-1783.
  9. Crobach, M. J. T., Vernon, J. J., Loo, V. G., Kong, L. Y., Péchiné, S., Wilcox, M. H. & Kuijper, E. J. (2018). Understanding Clostridium difficile Colonization. Clinical microbiology reviews, vol. 31.
  10. Semret, M., Schiller, I., Jardin, B. A., Frenette, C., Loo, V. G., Papenburg, J., McNeil, S. A. & Dendukuri, N. (2017). Multiplex Respiratory Virus Testing for Antimicrobial Stewardship: A Prospective Assessment of Antimicrobial Use and Clinical Outcomes Among Hospitalized Adults. The Journal of infectious diseases, vol. 216, p. 936-944.
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