Lab Information

Dr. Madhukar Pai

Senior Scientist
Centre for Outcomes Research and Evaluation
Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health (McGill)

Research Profile

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 Clinical: 0%
 Epidemiology: 100%
 Evaluation: 0%
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Tuberculosis • diagnostics • epidemiology • global health • implementation research

Research Interests

My research focuses on tuberculosis. It is a major threat to human health, with 9 million new cases and 1.5 million deaths every year. I have focused my career on improving tuberculosis diagnosis and care, with research that includes evaluating diagnostics tests that could eventually be part of country-level policies, implementation of tools and policies, and improving tuberculosis care for vulnerable populations in different countries worldwide. For example, I have compared the accuracy and usefulness of new tests that can diagnose tuberculosis in a few hours to conventional techniques which may require days before results are known. I am also conducting a study using mystery patients to evaluate the quality of tuberculosis care offered by health providers in India. The overall goal of my research program is to use translational epidemiology and implementation science to support tuberculosis care and control, so that the products developed, knowledge and policies can translate into saved lives.

Team Members

Name Position
Vadnais, Caroline Manager (Research)
Svadzian, Anita PhD Student
Kohli, Mikashmi MSc Student
Maclean, Emily PhD Student
Sen, Paulami MSc Student
Faust, Lena PhD Student
Heitkamp, Petra Project Manager
Omenka, Charity Postdoc
Aguilera Vasquez, Nathaly Program Officer
Bigio, Jacob Research Associate
Huria, Lavanya Junior Assistant
Klinton, Joel Project Manager
Sassi, Angelina MSc Student
Singh, Urvashi Junior Assistant
Zimmer, Alexandra PhD Student

Latest Publications

  1. Klinton, J. S., Heitkamp, P., Rashid, A., Faleye, B. O., Win Htat, H., Hussain, H., Syed, I., Farough, K., Mortera, L., Moh Lwin, M., Jha, N., Ananthakrishnan, R., Mahfuza, R., Chadha, S. S., Banu, S., Mannan, S., Vijayan, S., Ahmed, S., Ali, T., Oga-Omenka, C., Kaur, M., Singh, U., Wells, W. A., Stallworthy, G., Dias, H. M. Y. & Pai, M. (2021). One year of COVID-19 and its impact on private provider engagement for TB. Journal of clinical tuberculosis and other mycobacterial diseases, p. 100277.
  2. Zimmer, A. J., Klinton, J. S., Oga-Omenka, C., Heitkamp, P., Nawina Nyirenda, C., Furin, J. & Pai, M. (2021). Tuberculosis in times of COVID-19. Journal of epidemiology and community health.
  3. MacPherson, P., Webb, E. L., Kamchedzera, W., Joekes, E., Mjoli, G., Lalloo, D. G., Divala, T. H., Choko, A. T., Burke, R. M., Maheswaran, H., Pai, M., Squire, S. B., Nliwasa, M. & Corbett, E. L. (2021). Computer-aided X-ray screening for tuberculosis and HIV testing among adults with cough in Malawi (the PROSPECT study): A randomised trial and cost-effectiveness analysis. PLoS medicine, vol. 18, p. e1003752.
  4. Bigio, J., van Gemert, W., Kaiser, B., Waning, B. & Pai, M. (2021). Asia emerges as a hotbed of diagnostic innovations for tuberculosis. Journal of clinical tuberculosis and other mycobacterial diseases, vol. 25, p. 100267.
  5. Tavaziva, G., Harris, M., Abidi, S. K., Geric, C., Breuninger, M., Dheda, K., Esmail, A., Muyoyeta, M., Reither, K., Majidulla, A., Khan, A. J., Campbell, J. R., David, P.-M., Denkinger, C., Miller, C., Nathavitharana, R., Pai, M., Benedetti, A. & Khan, F. A. (2021). Chest X-ray analysis with deep learning-based software as a triage test for pulmonary tuberculosis: an individual patient data meta-analysis of diagnostic accuracy. Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America.
  6. Sulis, G., Batomen, B., Kotwani, A., Pai, M. & Gandra, S. (2021). Sales of antibiotics and hydroxychloroquine in India during the COVID-19 epidemic: An interrupted time series analysis. PLoS medicine, vol. 18, p. e1003682.
  7. Bigio, J., Sassi, A., Temesgen, Z. & Pai, M. (2021). Improving the quality of tuberculosis care in the post-pandemic world. Journal of clinical tuberculosis and other mycobacterial diseases, vol. 23, p. 100212.
  8. Cao, X.-F., Li, Y., Xin, H.-N., Zhang, H.-R., Pai, M. & Gao, L. (2021). Application of artificial intelligence in digital chest radiography reading for pulmonary tuberculosis screening. Chronic diseases and translational medicine, vol. 7, p. 35-40.
  9. Boffa, J., Moyo, S., Chikovore, J., Salomon, A., Daniels, B., Kwan, A. T., Pai, M. & Daftary, A. (2021). Quality of care for tuberculosis and HIV in the private health sector: a cross-sectional, standardised patient study in South Africa. BMJ global health, vol. 6.
  10. Bigio, J., Kohli, M., Klinton, J. S., MacLean, E., Gore, G., Small, P. M., Ruhwald, M., Weber, S. F., Jha, S. & Pai, M. (2021). Diagnostic accuracy of point-of-care ultrasound for pulmonary tuberculosis: A systematic review. PloS one, vol. 16, p. e0251236.
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