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Dr. Joseph Cox

Centre for Outcomes Research and Evaluation
Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health (McGill)

Research Profile

 Fundamental: 0%
 Clinical: 100%
 Epidemiology: 0%
 Evaluation: 0%
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Public health • preventive medicine • epidemiology • quantitative methods • addiction • HIV • HCV • HIV-HCV co-infection • men who have sex with men • injection drug use • prevention and care interventions

Research Interests

Public health practice and research focused on monitoring sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections and related determinants, among priority populations (gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs). Epidemiological research focused on the evaluation of interventions to improve the health and care of people living with substance use disorders, HIV and hepatitis C.

Team Members

Name Position
Brown, Tyler PhD Student
Godin, Arnaud MSc Student
Mbaye, Rose Intern
Marbaniang, Ivan PhD Student
Doyle, Carla PhD Student
Apelian, Herak Research Coordinator

Latest Publications

  1. Harvey-Lavoie, S., Apelian, H., Labbé, A.-C., Cox, J., Messier-Peet, M., Moodie, E., Fourmigue, A., Moore, D., Lachowsky, N. J., Grace, D., Hart, T. A., Jollimore, J., Fortin, C. & Lambert, G. (2021). COMMUNITY-BASED PREVALENCE ESTIMATES OF CHLAMYDIA TRACHOMATIS AND NEISSERIA GONORRHOEAE INFECTIONS AMONG GAY, BISEXUAL AND OTHER MEN WHO HAVE SEX WITH MEN IN MONTRÉAL, CANADA. Sexually transmitted diseases.
  2. Cox, J., Apelian, H., Moodie, E. E. M., Messier-Peet, M., Hart, T. A., Grace, D., Moore, D. M., Lachowsky, N. J., Armstrong, H. L., Jollimore, J., Skakoon-Sparling, S., Rodrigues, R., Tan, D. H. S., Maheu-Giroux, M., Noor, S. W., Lebouché, B., Tremblay, C., Olarewaju, G., Lambert, G. & Engage Study Team (2021). Use of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis among urban Canadian gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men: a cross-sectional analysis of the Engage cohort study. CMAJ open, vol. 9, p. E529-E538.
  3. Moore, D. M., Cui, Z., Skakoon-Sparling, S., Sang, J., Barath, J., Wang, L., Lachowsky, N., Cox, J., Lambert, G., Noor, S. W., Grace, D., Jollimore, J., Apelian, H., Lal, A., Parlette, A. & Hart, T. A. (2021). Characteristics of the HIV cascade of care and unsuppressed viral load among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men living with HIV across Canada's three largest cities. Journal of the International AIDS Society, vol. 24, p. e25699.
  4. Park, H., Brenner, B., Ibanescu, R.-I., Cox, J., Weiss, K., Klein, M. B., Hardy, I., Narasiah, L., Roger, M. & Kronfli, N. (2021). Phylogenetic Clustering among Asylum Seekers with New HIV-1 Diagnoses in Montreal, QC, Canada. Viruses, vol. 13.
  5. Palayew, A., Schmidt, A. M., Saeed, S., Cooper, C. L., Wong, A., Martel-Laferrière, V., Walmsley, S., Cox, J., Klein, M. B. & Canadian Coinfection Cohort Study Investigators (2021). Estimating an individual-level deprivation index for HIV/HCV coinfected persons in Canada. PloS one, vol. 16, p. e0249836.
  6. Fehr, D., Lebouché, B., Ruppenthal, L., Brownc, M., Obasc, N., Bourbonnière, E., Girouard, J., Massicotte, A., Jenabian, M.-A., Almomen, A.-A., Frenette, C., de Pokomandy, A., Cox, J., Giannakis, A., Cheng, M., Kronfli, N., Tsoukas, C., Zahedi, N., Szabo, J., Dehghani, K., Brouillette, M.-J., Falutz, J., Turner, H., Hamel, A., Duchesneau, C., Lanthier-Brun, J., Klein, M., Routy, J.-P. & Costiniuk, C. T. (2021). Characterization of people living with HIV in a Montreal-based tertiary care center with COVID-19 during the first wave of the pandemic. AIDS care, p. 1-7.
  7. Houlding, E., Mate, K., Engler, K., Ortiz-Paredes, D., Pomey, M.-P., Cox, J., Hijal, T. & Lebouché, B. (2021). Barriers to use of remote monitoring technologies (RMT) used to support COVID-19 patients: A rapid review. JMIR mHealth and uHealth, vol. 9, p. e24743.
  8. Chu, D., Schuster, T., Lessard, D., Mate, K., Engler, K., Ma, Y., Abulkhir, A., Arora, A., Long, S., de Pokomandy, A., Lacombe, K., Rougier, H., Cox, J., Kronfli, N., Hijal, T., Kildea, J., Routy, J.-P., Asselah, J. & Lebouché, B. (2021). Acceptability of a Patient Portal (Opal) in HIV Clinical Care: A Feasibility Study. Journal of personalized medicine, vol. 11.
  9. Grace, D., Gaspar, M., Klassen, B., Lessard, D., Anand, P., Brennan, D. J., Lachowsky, N., Adam, B. D., Cox, J., Lambert, G., Jollimore, J. & Hart, T. A. (2021). Stepping Stones or Second Class Donors?: a qualitative analysis of gay, bisexual, and queer men's perspectives on plasma donation policy in Canada. BMC public health, vol. 21, p. 444.
  10. Gaspar, M., Marshall, Z., Adam, B. D., Brennan, D. J., Cox, J., Lachowsky, N., Lambert, G., Moore, D., Hart, T. A. & Grace, D. (2021). 'I was just doing what a normal gay man would do, right?': The biopolitics of substance use and the mental health of sexual minority men. Health (London, England : 1997), p. 1363459321996753.
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