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Dr. Giada Sebastiani

Centre for Outcomes Research and Evaluation
Department of Medicine (McGill)

Research Profile

 Fundamental: 20%
 Clinical: 50%
 Epidemiology: 30%
 Evaluation: 0%
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Fatty liver • serum fibrosis biomarkers • hepatitis B • hepatitis C • HIV

Research Interests

My research focuses on screening for liver disease and fatty liver of at risk populations, including HIV+ patients, patients with inflammatory bowel disease, liver transplant recipients. To conduct these studies, I employ a non-invasive machine, which is ultrasound based, named Fibroscan. Moreover, I am conducting interventional trials to reduce the fatty liver by vitamin E and switch to less hepatotoxic drugs.

Team Members

Name Position
Shengir, Mohamed Abdulhakem Omar MSc Student
Krahn, Thomas Medical Resident/Fellows
Alhinai, Alshaima PhD Student
Khan, Afsheen Clinical Coordinator

Latest Publications

  1. Shengir, M., Elgara, M. & Sebastiani, G. (2021). Metabolic and cardiovascular complications after virological cure in hepatitis C: What awaits beyond. World journal of gastroenterology, vol. 27, p. 1959-1972.
  2. Shengir, M., Chen, T., Guadagno, E., Ramanakumar, A. V., Ghali, P., Deschenes, M., Wong, P., Krishnamurthy, S. & Sebastiani, G. (2021). Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in premenopausal women with polycystic ovary syndrome: A systematic review and meta-analysis. JGH open : an open access journal of gastroenterology and hepatology, vol. 5, p. 434-445.
  3. Farag, M. S., Fung, S., Tam, E., Doucette, K., Wong, A., Ramji, A., Conway, B., Cooper, C., Tsoi, K., Wong, P., Sebastiani, G., Brahmania, M., Haylock-Jacobs, S., Coffin, C. S., Hansen, B. E. & Janssen, H. L. A. (2021). Effectiveness and Renal Safety of Tenofovir Alafenamide Fumarate among Chronic Hepatitis B Patients: Real-World Study. Journal of viral hepatitis, vol. 28, p. 942-950.
  4. Mendoza, Y. P., Shengir, M., Bosch, J., Sebastiani, G. & Berzigotti, A. (2021). FIB-4 improves LSM-based prediction of complications in overweight or obese patients with compensated advanced chronic liver disease. Clinical gastroenterology and hepatology : the official clinical practice journal of the American Gastroenterological Association.
  5. Kosick, H.-M., Keyrouz, A., Adeyi, O., Sebastiani, G. & Patel, K. (2021). A Stepwise Algorithmic Approach and External Validation Study for Noninvasive Prediction of Advanced Fibrosis in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Digestive diseases and sciences.
  6. Shengir, M., Krishnamurthy, S., Ghali, P., Deschenes, M., Wong, P., Chen, T. & Sebastiani, G. (2020). Prevalence and predictors of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in South Asian women with polycystic ovary syndrome. World journal of gastroenterology, vol. 26, p. 7046-7060.
  7. Cooper, C., Driedger, M., Wong, D., Haylock-Jacobs, S., Aziz Shaheen, A., Osiowy, C., Fung, S., Doucette, K., Wong, A., Barrett, L., Conway, B., Ramji, A., Minuk, G., Sebastiani, G., Wong, P. & Coffin, C. S. (2021). Distinct Hepatitis B and HIV co-infected populations in Canada. Journal of viral hepatitis, vol. 28, p. 517-527.
  8. Milic, J., Menozzi, V., Schepis, F., Malagoli, A., Besutti, G., Franconi, I., Raimondi, A., Carli, F., Mussini, C., Sebastiani, G. & Guaraldi, G. (2020). Liver steatosis and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease with fibrosis are predictors of frailty in people living with HIV. AIDS (London, England), vol. 34, p. 1915-1921.
  9. Cervo, A., Shengir, M., Patel, K. & Sebastiani, G. (2020). NASH in HIV. Current HIV/AIDS reports, vol. 17, p. 601-614.
  10. Maurice, J. B., Goldin, R., Hall, A., Price, J. C., Sebastiani, G., Morse, C. G., Prat, L., Perazzo, H., Garvey, L., Ingiliz, P., Guaraldi, G., Tsochatzis, E. & Lemoine, M. (2020). Increased BMI and Type 2 diabetes are the main predictors of NAFLD and advanced fibrosis in liver biopsies of patients with HIV mono-infection. Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America.
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