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Dr. Nandini Dendukuri

Centre for Outcomes Research and Evaluation
Department of Medicine (McGill)

Research Profile

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 Clinical: 0%
 Epidemiology: 100%
 Evaluation: 0%
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Bayesian inference • biostatistics • diagnostic tests • latents class models • technology assessment

Research Interests

My research focuses on the development of methods in the area of evaluating diagnostic tests in the absence of a gold standard, meta-analysis of diagnostic test properties and Bayesian estimation of small proportions. I am also involved in a number of collaborative projects with researchers in technology assessment and epidemiology.

Team Members

Name Position
Schiller, Ian Biostatistician
Almeida, Nisha Research Associate
Corriveau, Lucie MSc Student
Jahan, Israth MSc Student

Latest Publications

  1. Shapiro, A. E., Ross, J. M., Yao, M., Schiller, I., Kohli, M., Dendukuri, N., Steingart, K. R. & Horne, D. J. (2021). Xpert MTB/RIF and Xpert Ultra assays for screening for pulmonary tuberculosis and rifampicin resistance in adults, irrespective of signs or symptoms. The Cochrane database of systematic reviews, vol. 3, p. CD013694.
  2. Buczinski, S., Lu, Y., Chigerwe, M., Fecteau, G. & Dendukuri, N. (2021). Systematic review and meta-analysis of refractometry for diagnosis of inadequate transfer of passive immunity in dairy calves: Quantifying how accuracy varies with threshold using a Bayesian approach. Preventive veterinary medicine, vol. 189, p. 105306.
  3. Zifodya, J. S., Kreniske, J. S., Schiller, I., Kohli, M., Dendukuri, N., Schumacher, S. G., Ochodo, E. A., Haraka, F., Zwerling, A. A., Pai, M., Steingart, K. R. & Horne, D. J. (2021). Xpert Ultra versus Xpert MTB/RIF for pulmonary tuberculosis and rifampicin resistance in adults with presumptive pulmonary tuberculosis. The Cochrane database of systematic reviews, vol. 2, p. CD009593.
  4. Joseph, K. S., John, S., Boutin, A., Scime, N. V., Chaput, K. H., Muraca, G. M., Razaz, N., Sabr, Y., Lisonkova, S. & Dendukuri, N. (2021). Modern obstetrics: beyond early delivery for fetal or maternal compromise. American journal of obstetrics & gynecology MFM, vol. 3, p. 100274.
  5. Butler-Laporte, G., Lawandi, A., Schiller, I., Yao, M. C., Dendukuri, N., McDonald, E. G. & Lee, T. C. (2021). Comparison of Saliva and Nasopharyngeal Swab Nucleic Acid Amplification Testing for Detection of SARS-CoV-2: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. JAMA internal medicine, vol. 181, p. 353-360.
  6. Kohli, M., Schiller, I., Dendukuri, N., Yao, M., Dheda, K., Denkinger, C. M., Schumacher, S. G. & Steingart, K. R. (2021). Xpert MTB/RIF Ultra and Xpert MTB/RIF assays for extrapulmonary tuberculosis and rifampicin resistance in adults. The Cochrane database of systematic reviews, vol. 1, p. CD012768.
  7. Raghavan, R., Wang, S., Dendukuri, N., Kar, S. S., Mahadevan, S., Jagadisan, B. & Mandal, J. (2020). Evaluation of LAMP for detection of Shigella from stool samples in children. Access microbiology, vol. 2, p. acmi000169.
  8. Jolicoeur, E. M., Dendukuri, N., Belisle, P., Range, G., Souteyrand, G., Bouisset, F., Zemour, G., Delarche, N., Harbaoui, B., Schampaert, E., Kouz, S., Cayla, G., Roubille, F., Boueri, Z., Mansour, S., Marcaggi, X., Tardif, J.-C., McGillion, M., Tanguay, J.-F., Brophy, J., Yu, C. W., Berry, C., Carrick, D., Høfsten, D. E., Engstrøm, T., Kober, L., Kelbæk, H. & Belle, L. (2020). Immediate vs Delayed Stenting in ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction: Rationale and Design of the International PRIMACY Bayesian Randomized Controlled Trial. The Canadian journal of cardiology, vol. 36, p. 1805-1814.
  9. MacLean, E. & Dendukuri, N. (2020). Latent class analysis and the need for clear reporting of methodology. Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America.
  10. Noël, K. C., Papenburg, J., Lacroix, J., Quach, C., O'Donnell, S., Gonzales, M., Willson, D. F., Gilfoyle, E., McNally, J. D., Reynolds, S., Kazzaz, Y., Kawaguchi, A., Sato, M., Kongkiattikul, L., Leteurtre, S., Dubos, F., Karaca, Y., Chiusolo, F., Piva, J., Dendukuri, N., Fontela, P. S. & Canadian Critical Care Trials Group (CCCTG) and the Pediatric Lung Injury and Sepsis Investigators (PALISI) Network (2020). International Survey on Determinants of Antibiotic Duration and Discontinuation in Pediatric Critically Ill Patients. Pediatric critical care medicine : a journal of the Society of Critical Care Medicine and the World Federation of Pediatric Intensive and Critical Care Societies, vol. 21, p. e696-e706.
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