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Dr. Donald Vinh

Centre for Translational Biology
Department of Medicine (McGill)

Research Profile

 Fundamental: 75%
 Clinical: 25%
 Epidemiology: 0%
 Evaluation: 0%
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 E03.3142 (modules K, L) /  #44554
 E03.3366 (modules H)


Primary (genetic) immunodeficiencies • molecular genetics • translational research • immunity • infections

Research Interests

My research focuses on identifying how genetic defects of immunity predispose patients to infectious diseases. A fundamental enigma in the field of infectious diseases is the variability in clinical outcomes between individuals exposed to the same microbial environment. For a given microbe, what distinguishes those who are “well” or “mildly symptomatic” from those who develop “life-threatening disease”? Accumulating evidence demonstrates that mutations in critical genes can cause a variety of immunodeficiencies, resulting in human susceptibility to specific infectious diseases. My research program is distinguished by the unique ability to bring patients (and relevant family members) with unusual, severe or recalcitrant infections into the laboratory and meticulously study them, through state-of-the-art genomic and functional immunologic studies and model systems, to delineate fundamental principles of human immunobiology. In so doing, we aim to translate our findings into innovative therapies directly relevant for patients, and to discover novel diseases of human immunity.

Team Members

Name Position
Roussel, Lucie Research Associate
Bernier, Stéphane Research Assistant

Latest Publications

  1. Vinh, D. C., Abel, L., Bastard, P., Cheng, M. P., Condino-Neto, A., Gregersen, P. K., Haerynck, F., Cicalese, M.-P., Hagin, D., Soler-Palacín, P., Planas, A. M., Pujol, A., Notarangelo, L. D., Zhang, Q., Su, H. C., Casanova, J.-L., Meyts, I. & COVID Human Genetic Effort (2021). Harnessing Type I IFN Immunity Against SARS-CoV-2 with Early Administration of IFN-β. Journal of clinical immunology.
  2. Knight, V., Heimall, J. R., Chong, H., Nandiwada, S. L., Chen, K., Lawrence, M. G., Sadighi Akha, A. A., Kumánovics, A., Jyonouchi, S., Ngo, S. Y., Vinh, D. C., Hagin, D., Forbes Satter, L. R., Marsh, R. A., Chiang, S. C. C., Willrich, M. A. V., Frazer-Abel, A. A. & Rider, N. L. (2021). A Toolkit and Framework for Optimal Laboratory Evaluation of Individuals with Suspected Primary Immunodeficiency. The journal of allergy and clinical immunology. In practice.
  3. Tremblay, K., Rousseau, S., Zawati, M. H., Auld, D., Chassé, M., Coderre, D., Falcone, E. L., Gauthier, N., Grandvaux, N., Gros-Louis, F., Jabet, C., Joly, Y., Kaufmann, D. E., Laprise, C., Larochelle, C., Maltais, F., Mes-Masson, A.-M., Montpetit, A., Piché, A., Richards, J. B., Tse, S. M., Turgeon, A. F., Turecki, G., Vinh, D. C., Wang, H. T., Mooser, V. & BQC19 (2021). The Biobanque québécoise de la COVID-19 (BQC19)-A cohort to prospectively study the clinical and biological determinants of COVID-19 clinical trajectories. PloS one, vol. 16, p. e0245031.
  4. Lee, T., Cau, A., Cheng, M. P., Levin, A., Lee, T. C., Vinh, D. C., Lamontagne, F., Singer, J., Walley, K. R., Murthy, S., Patrick, D., Rewa, O. G., Winston, B. W., Marshall, J., Boyd, J., Tran, K., Kalil, A., McCuloh, R., Fowler, R., Luther, J. M., Russell, J. A. & ARBs CORONA (2021). ANGIOTENSIN RECEPTOR BLOCKERS AND ANGIOTENSIN CONVERTING ENZYME INHIBITORS IN COVID-19 -META-ANALYSIS/META-REGRESSION ADJUSTED FOR CONFOUNDING FACTORS. CJC open.
  5. Roussel, L. & Vinh, D. C. (2021). ICOSL in host defense at epithelial barriers: lessons from ICOSLG deficiency. Current opinion in immunology, vol. 72, p. 21-26.
  6. Grivas, P., Khaki, A. R., Wise-Draper, T. M., French, B., Hennessy, C., Hsu, C.-Y., Shyr, Y., Li, X., Choueiri, T. K., Painter, C. A., Peters, S., Rini, B. I., Thompson, M. A., Mishra, S., Rivera, D. R., Acoba, J. D., Abidi, M. Z., Bakouny, Z., Bashir, B., Bekaii-Saab, T., Berg, S., Bernicker, E. H., Bilen, M. A., Bindal, P., Bishnoi, R., Bouganim, N., Bowles, D. W., Cabal, A., Caimi, P. F., Chism, D. D., Crowell, J., Curran, C., Desai, A., Dixon, B., Doroshow, D. B., Durbin, E. B., Elkrief, A., Farmakiotis, D., Fazio, A., Fecher, L. A., Flora, D. B., Friese, C. R., Fu, J., Gadgeel, S. M., Galsky, M. D., Gill, D. M., Glover, M. J., Goyal, S., Grover, P., Gulati, S., Gupta, S., Halabi, S., Halfdanarson, T. R., Halmos, B., Hausrath, D. J., Hawley, J. E., Hsu, E., Huynh-Le, M., Hwang, C., Jani, C., Jayaraj, A., Johnson, D. B., Kasi, A., Khan, H., Koshkin, V. S., Kuderer, N. M., Kwon, D. H., Lammers, P. E., Li, A., Loaiza-Bonilla, A., Low, C. A., Lustberg, M. B., Lyman, G. H., McKay, R. R., McNair, C., Menon, H., Mesa, R. A., Mico, V., Mundt, D., Nagaraj, G., Nakasone, E. S., Nakayama, J., Nizam, A., Nock, N. L., Park, C., Patel, J. M., Patel, K. G., Peddi, P., Pennell, N. A., Piper-Vallillo, A. J., Puc, M., Ravindranathan, D., Reeves, M. E., Reuben, D. Y., Rosenstein, L., Rosovsky, R. P., Rubinstein, S. M., Salazar, M., Schmidt, A. L., Schwartz, G. K., Shah, M. R., Shah, S. A., Shah, C., Shaya, J. A., Singh, S. R. K., Smits, M., Stockerl-Goldstein, K. E., Stover, D. G., Streckfuss, M., Subbiah, S., Tachiki, L., Tadesse, E., Thakkar, A., Tucker, M. D., Verma, A. K., Vinh, D. C., Weiss, M., Wu, J. T., Wulff-Burchfield, E., Xie, Z., Yu, P. P., Zhang, T., Zhou, A. Y., Zhu, H., Zubiri, L., Shah, D. P., Warner, J. L. & Lopes, G. D. (2021). Association of Clinical Factors and Recent Anti-Cancer Therapy with COVID-19 Severity among Patients with Cancer: A Report from the COVID-19 and Cancer Consortium. Annals of oncology : official journal of the European Society for Medical Oncology, vol. 32, p. 787-800.
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  10. Golizeh, M., Winter, K., Roussel, L., Landekic, M., Langelier, M., Loo, V. G., Ndao, M. & Vinh, D. C. (2021). Fecal host biomarkers predicting severity of Clostridioides difficile infection. JCI insight, vol. 6.
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