The IDIGH program provides emergency freezers in case of a freezer failure. It is mandatory to keep at least two of these freezers empty. Samples coming from an unauthorized use of the freezers or not properly identified will be discarded. Contact the IDIGH administration if you need these freezers.

E03.5040 - Freezer 1

Thermo Scientific 88400D63
Lab % Used Notes
Sheppard lab 50 (2021-06-18) Will be transfered soon.

E03.5040 - Freezer 2

Panasonic MDF-U76VA-PA
Lab % Used Notes
Reed lab 75 (2021-06-18) Broken freezer
Vinh lab 25 (2021-06-18) Broken freezer

E03.5048 - Freezer 12

Panasonic MDF-U76VA-PA
This freezer is currently empty


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