Wednesday Faculty Seminars

Our Wednesday noon seminar series consist of presentations (in rotation) from IDIGH program members (Fundamental, Clinical and Epidemiology & outcomes) and invited distinguished guest speakers. Our seminars are scheduled from noon to 1 PM on Wednesdays in room EM1.3509 at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) of the Glen.

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**Invited distinguished guest speakers.

Seminar Series 2017 – 2018

Date Speaker Focus Seminar Title Host
Sept 20, 2017 Jacques Corbeil** Fundamental How omics data and machine learning can assist the clinical decision: a tale of numbers! Marcel Behr
Oct 04, 2017 Robert Platt** Epidemiology & Outcomes Some current challenges in pharmacoepidemiology Erwin Schurr
Oct 18,
N/A  N/A Due to the IDIGH Symposium on Friday October 20, 2017 N/A
Nov 01, 2017 Chris Walpole Clinical/Fundamental Structure-guided drug discovery for TB, malaria and cryptosporidiosis Marcel Behr
Nov 15, 2017 Dao Nguyen** Clinical Bacterial persistence: two tales of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in chronic infections Don Sheppard
Nov 29, 2017 Cedric Yansouni Clinical Enteric Infections in the Arctic Communities Marcel Behr
Dec 13, 2017 Peter Lakatos Clinical Do biomarkers help to predict disease course in inflammatory bowel diseases Erwin Schurr
Jan 17, 2018 Christopher Fernandez Prada** Fundamental High-throughput post-genomic approaches to study protozoan parasites Martin Olivier
Jan 31, 2018 Giada Sebastiani Clinical Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: a new player in aging with HIV Marcel Behr
Feb 14, 2018 Guillaume Sébire** Clinical Role of Group B streptococcus-induced maternal immune activation in the genesis of autism spectrum disorders Erwin Schurr
Feb 28, 2018 Christopher Rudd** Fundamental T-cell signaling mechanisms and immunotherapy Ciro Piccirillo
Mar 14, 2018 Heather Melichar** Fundamental Self-reactive T cells: many shades of gray Ciro Piccirillo
Mar 28, 2018 Nitika Pant Pai Clinical A SmartApp’s journey from Innovation to Impact in HIV Erwin Schurr
Apr 11, 2018 Brian Ward Fundamental Stubborn Science – The Winding Road from Nutritional Blindness to (Potentially) an Anti-Viral Drug Marcel Behr
April 25, 2018 Maya Saleh Fundamental Innate immunity regulatory mechanisms in inflammatory diseases and cancer Martin Olivier
May 9, 2018 Bernard Turcotte Fundamental Zinc cluster proteins: a fungal family of transcriptional regulators with functions ranging from carbon metabolism to drug resistance Marcel Behr
May 23, 2018 Jean Pape** Clinical Three decades of developing and implementing public health models in Haiti: from Infantile diarrhea to AIDS, TB and  Cholera Erwin Schurr
Jun 06, 2018 Michail Lionakis** Clinical Of mice and humans: Fundamental mechanisms of tissue-specific antifungal immunity Don Vinh

**Invited distinguished guest speakers.

Seminar Series 2016 – 2017

Date Speaker Focus Seminar Title Host
Sept 28, 2016 Jesse Papenburg Epidemiology & Outcomes Viral respiratory infections: diagnostic strategies and epidemiology of severe disease Marcel Behr
Oct 12, 2016 Jean William Pape** Clinical Cancelled due to Hurricane Matthew Erwin Schurr
Oct 26,
Tom Hawn** Fundamental/Clinical Innate Immunity & M. tuberculosis Infection Erwin Schurr
Nov 09, 2016 Theresa Gyorkos Epidemiology & Outcomes Eliminating morbidity due to worm infections:
From epidemiology to WHO global policy
Erwin Schurr
Nov 23, 2016 Greg Matlashewski** Fundamental Elimination of Visceral Leishmaniasis through Basic and Implementation Research Brian Ward
Dec 07, 2016 Ciriaco Piccirillo Fundamental Dynamics of Foxp3+ regulatory T cell function in health and disease Don Sheppard
Jan 11, 2017 Mathias Lichterfeld** Clinical HIV-1 reservoirs in CD4 T cell subpopulations Jean-Pierre Routy
Jan 25, 2017 Alexandra de Pokomandy Epidemiology & Outcomes HPV-related disease prevention in men and women living with HIV Marcel Behr
Feb 08, 2017 Ciriaco Piccirillo et al. Fundamental, Clinical & Epidemiology & Outcomes Thematic Interest Groups discussions (Jointly with IDIGH & CRCHU etc.) Ciro Piccirillo, Erwin Schurr & Gary Kobinger
Feb 22, 2017 Amrita Daftary Epidemiology & Outcomes Differential adherence to treatment in HIV and drug-resistant TB: what does qualitative research show? Marcel Behr
Mar 08, 2017 No seminar N/A Spring break N/A
Mar 22, 2017 André Veillette** Fundamental/Clinical SLAM family receptors and immune responses Don Vinh
Apr 05, 2017 Barbara Papadopoulou** Fundamental Regulatory networks controlling the Leishmania response to stress and intracellular development Martin Olivier
Apr 19, 2017 No seminar N/A IDIGH Research Day 2017  N/A
May 03, 2017 No seminar N/A McGill Department of Medicine Research Symposium  N/A
May 17, 2017 David Eyre** Clinical Investigating the source of Clostridium difficile infections using whole-genome sequencing Vivian Loo
May 31, 2017 Silvia Vidal Fundamental The role of model organisms in identifying heterogeneity in host susceptibility to virus infections Don Sheppard
Jun 14, 2017 Cecilia Costiniuk Clinical Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in people living with HIV: Potential underlying causes and targets for intervention Erwin Schurr

Seminar Series 2015 – 2016

Date Speaker Focus Seminar Title Host
Sept 23,  2015 Nicole Bernard Fundamental KIR/HLA genotypes: Their effect on Natural Killer cell responses to HIV Erwin Schurr
Sept 30,  2015 Marcel Behr Clinical Investigations of a major TB outbreak in the North Michael Reed
Oct 07,    2015 Madhukar Pai Epidemiology & outcomes Bridging the Gap between Discovery & Delivery in Global Health Marcel Behr
Oct 14,    2015 Brian Ward Clinical Plant-made virus-like-particle (VLP) vaccines:bench to bedside & back Momar Ndao
Oct 21,    2015 Robert A Cramer** Fundamental Oxygen and Fungal Parthenogenesis: To Air or Not to Air? Don Sheppard
Oct 28,  2015 Marina Klein Epidemiology & outcomes The Canadian Co-infection Cohort Study: Building the Case for HCV Cure Marcel Behr
Nov 04,  2015 Mario Raviglione** Clinical TB 2015: burden, challenges and the new WHO’s End TB Strategy Marcel Behr
Nov 11,  2015 John Di Battista Fundamental Global phosphoproteomic analysis of substrates downstream of G-protein-coupled receptor signaling Ciriaco Piccirillo
Nov 18,  2015 Moshe Ben-Shoshan Epidemiology & outcomes The Cross Canada Anaphylaxis Registry : The MCH and beyond Erwin Schurr
Nov 25,  2015 Stephanie Yanow** Epidemiology & outcomes Molecular detection of malaria in the field: Applications for acute diagnosis, clinical trials and surveillance Madhu Pai
Dec 02,  2015 Ernest Seidman Clinical Potential Roles of Vitamin D in Crohn’s Disease: From Epidemiology and Pathogenesis to Treatment and Prevention Ciriaco Piccirillo
Dec 09,  2015 Martin Olivier Fundamental Nanobiome of Leishmanial Sandfly Vector: Impact on Leishmaniasis Development Momar Ndao
Dec 17,  2015 Sasha Bernatsky + Epidemiology & outcomes Systemic Autoimmune Rheumatic Disease Marcel Behr
Dec 18,  2015 Bertrand Routy **+ Clinical Will microbiology conquer cancer in our lifetime? Jean-Pierre
Jan 13,  2016 Don Sheppard Clinical Aspergillus fumigatus: Breaking the mold Erwin Schurr
Jan 20,  2016 Donald Vinh Clinical From Mendel to Mycology: Human Genetic Susceptibility to Fungal Infections Marcel Behr
Jan 27,  2016 Jean-Pierre Routy Clinical HIV persistence and inflammation: Implication for HIV eradication strategy Marcel Behr
Feb 03,  2016 Danuta Radzioch Fundamental Critical role of lipid mediators in the regulation of inflammation and immunity Erwin Schurr
Feb 10,  2016 Erwin Schurr Fundamental Human genetics of tuberculosis infection Erwin Schurr
Feb 17,  2016 Dean Naisbitt** Fundamental The Chemical, Cellular and Genetic Basis of Immunological Drug Reactions Chris Tsoukas
Feb 24,  2016 Evan Lee** Epidemiology & outcomes  Lilly Global Health: Evidence-based approaches to improve outcomes for MDR-TB and NCDs Madhu Pai
Mar 09,  2016 Ines Colmegna Fundamental Rheumatoid Arthritis: Focus on Stem and Progenitor Cells Nicole Bernard
Mar 16,  2016 Caroline Quach Epidemiology & outcomes Healthcare-Associated Infections in the NICU: An Ongoing Challenge! Cedric Yansouni
Mar 23,  2016 Jesse Shapiro** Clinical Strain-level differences distinguish the Inuit and Western gut microbiomes Cedric Yansouni
Apr 06,  2016 Michael Reed Fundamental The ongoing evolution of gene function in Mycobacterium tuberculosis – teaching an old DOS new tricks. Marcel Behr
April 13,  2016 Nandini Dendukuri Epidemiology & outcomes Diagnostic test evaluation in the absence of a gold-standard: Why composite reference standards should be avoided Erwin Schurr
Apr 27,  2016 James McKerrow** Clinical Meeting the Challenge of Developing Drugs for Neglected Tropical Diseases Momar Ndao
May 04,  2016 Michael Libman Clinical Leishmaniasis: how to create one guideline for many diseases Marcel Behr
May 11,  2016 Christos Tsoukas Clinical Immune predictors of destiny and longevityin chronic inflammatory diseases Marcel Behr
May 18,  2016 Joyce Rauch Fundamental Cell death and innate immunity in the pathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosus Erwin Schurr
May 25,  2016 Bertrand Lebouché Epidemiology & outcomes Patient centered outcomes: improving HIV care and research with the patient’s perspective Erwin Schurr
June 01,  2016 Shaden Kamhawi ** Fundamental Leishmaniasis: Virulence of vector-transmission unraveled Martin Olivier
June 08,  2016 Giada Sebastiani Epidemiology & outcomes The Canadian Epidemic of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Marcel Behr
June 15,  2016 Evelyne Vinet Epidemiology & outcomes Reproductive Issues in Women with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Should We Be Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Erwin Schurr




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