Joyce Wang and Dr. Marcel Behr

J. Wang and Dr. M. Behr, photo by J. Liu

IDIGH Trainee Committee
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Training Opportunities and Awards

Training of highly qualified next generation researchers, who emphasize the importance of integrating basic research and clinic, teamwork and leadership, has been a major focus of the IDIGH program. Our program offers various training programs in an outstanding multidisciplinary environment.

We routinely hold faculty seminars, journal clubs,  trainee’s work in progress seminars, joint lab meetings, courses, workshops, trainee’s research day and symposia. Our trainees regularly present their exciting research findings at the national and international scientific conferences and are encouraged to apply for various travel awards.

Our IDIGH trainee committee is actively in charge of various activities including trainee’s work in progress seminars and research day.

We welcome motivated and talented students, post-doctoral and clinical fellows, and researchers to join us. Please submit your CV directly to the research group of your interest.

Dr. Erwin Schurr in Vietnam
Research results from Mark Lee et al. (Dr. D. Sheppard Lab)
Leishmania guyanensis - by Dr. Vanessa Diniz Atayde (Dr. Martin Olivier Lab)
Parasitology - Breakfast with Parasites: Dr. Momar Ndao, showing a parasite in a jar to impressed students



  1. The 4th Annual IDIGH Symposium 2018!

    October 19 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm