Apr. 2018, Congratulations to all IDIGH members awarded by the FRQS this year !


  • Dong, George
  • Dube, Jean-Yves
  • Hendin, Hilary
  • Hoque, Nowrin
  • Istomine, Roman
  • MacLean, Emily
  • Nash, Madlen

  • Colmegna, Ines
  • Daftary, Amrita
  • De Pokomandy, Alexandra
  • McDonald, Emily
  • Pai, Nitika
  • Vinh, Donald


Apr. 2018, Congratulations to Dr. Don Sheppard & Dr. Marcel Behr for receiving a 15 million dollar donation from The Doggone Foundation to launch the MI4 Initiative!!

Apr 20, 2018, Congratulations to the winners of the oral and poster presentations at the 2018 IDIGH Research Day!
Best oral presentations:
-First place: James Stewart, trainee of Dr. Don Sheppard
-Second place: Jean-Yves Dubé, trainee of Dr. Marcel Behr
-Third place: Hilary Hendin, trainee of Dr. Brian Ward
Best poster presentations:
-First place: Sabrina Bartolucci trainee of Dr. Ciriaco Piccarillo
-First place: Shane Baistrocchi trainee of Dr. Donald Sheppard
-Second place: Marija Landekic trainee of Dr. Don Vinh
-Third place: Guoyue Xu trainee of Dr. Philippe Gros

Apr 20, 2018:The 2018 IDIGH Research Day was a great success!! Special thanks to keynote speaker Dr. Polly Matzinger, the trainee committee led by Co-presidents James Stewart and Roman Istomine, and the incredible team of volunteers! 

Nov. 2017:
-Congratulations to Vikram Mehraj whose abstract has been accepted to present at the CROI Conference in Boston from March 4-7, 2018 in addition to receiving a scholarship from CROI scientific committee!
-Congratulations to Sanket Kant who won best poster at the FRQS HIV/AIDS Journée Des Étudiants and whose abstract was also selected for the upcoming CROI meeting in March 2018 including a travel award!
-Congratulations to Syim Salahuddin who received a Conference of Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) Young Investigator Award for his work which he will present at the CROI conference in March 2018.

May. 2017:
-Congratualtions to the IDIGH members who won FRQS grants and awards! See list here.
-Congratulations to our program members: Cecilia Costiniuk and Nitika Pai for winning the fierce CIHR Project Scheme competiton!
-Congratulations to Dr. Bernard Turcotte for receiving a research grant from: Fonds de recherche nature et technologies Quebec!

May 8, 2017: The IDIGH program scored the highest and ranked Exceptional among eight programs of the RI-MUHC in the FRQS post-evaluation report, based on various performance metrics including funding, publications, impact/leadership of PIs, organization and trainee activities. Kudos to all the IDIGH community for their hard work and achievements!

May, 2017: The RI-MUHC Studentship and Fellowship competition: and the IDIGH winners are….
– Marwan Ghanem (M.Sc student of Dr. Marcel Behr)
– Sanket Kant (M.Sc student of Dr. Nicole Bernard)
– Syim Salahuddin (M.Sc student of Dr. Cecilia Costiniuk)
– Kaitlin Winter (M.Sc student of Dr. Brian Ward)
– Wilian Correa De Macedo (Ph.D student of Dr. Erwin Schurr)
– Ossama  Moujaber (Ph.D student of Dr. Inés Colmegna)
– Marina  Amaral De Avila (Postdoc student of Dr. Sasha Bernatsky)
– Rosalie Ponte (Postdoc student of Dr. Jean-Pierre Routy)

Apr. 21, 2017: The winners of the IDIGH Research Day Trainee Presentations are….
Best oral presentations:
-1st place: François Le Mauff, trainee of Dr. Don Sheppard
-2nd place: Vinicius Fava, trainee of Dr. Erwin Schurr
-3rd place: Mathieu Mancini, trainee of Dr. Silvia Vidal
Best poster presentations:
-1st place: Sahar Saeed, trainee of Dr. Marina Klein
-2nd place: Sabrina Bartolucci, trainee of Dr. Ciriaco Piccirillo
-2nd place: Nadine Kronfli, trainee of Dr. Marina Klein
-3rd place: Alonso Lira, trainee of Dr. Martin Olivier
-3rd place: Jean-Yves Dubé, trainee of Dr. Marcel Behr

Mar. 3. 2017: Congratulations to the 2017 IDIGH-GHP Trainee Travel Award winners
– Alexander Makarkov (Ph.D. student of Dr. Brian Ward) Influenza Vaccines for the World 2017 (Switzerland): $2,000
– Jessica Widdifield (Post-doctoral fellow of Dr. Sasha Bernatsky) EULAR Annual Scientific Meeting (Spain): $2,000
– Sahar Saeed (Ph.D. student of Dr. Marina Klein) 21st Int’l Workshop on HIV and Hepatitis Observational Databases (Portugal): $2,000
– Hilary Hendin (Ph.D. student of  Dr. Brian Ward) Influenza Vaccines for the World 2017 (Switzerland): $2,000
– Madlen Nash (M.Sc. student of Dr. Madhukar Pai) 21st Annual Conference of The Union – North America Region (Vancouver): $1,500
– Nadine Kronfli (Post-doctoral fellow of Dr. Marina Klein) International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference on HIV Science (France): $ 2,000

Nov. 22, 2016: Dr. Theresa Gyorkos won the Vic Neufeld Mentorship Award in Global Health Research from CCGHR!

July 21, 2016: Congratulations to our program member Dr. Nitika Pant Pai’s HIV project is one of Six Canadian Innovations Scaling Up to Improve Global Health from Grand Challenges Canada!

July 19, 2016: Congratulations to our trainee Khalid Bin Dhuban (Dr. Ciro Piccirillo’s group) who will give an oral presentation on Aug 21, 2016 at the International Congress of Immunology in Australia. In addition he was invited to present at RIKEN IMS in Japan this past June and was one of three recipients of their travel awards (out of 33 selected candidates from various countries)!

July 15, 2016: We’re delighted to welcome Toyin Togun (Dr. Madhu Pai’s group) to our dynamic program. He is the recipient of the Steinberg postdoc fellowship!

July 15, 2016: Congratulations to our program members: Drs. N. Bernard, T. Lee, M. Saleh, C. Piccirillo and D. Vinh for getting the CIHR Project Grants!

July 15, 2016: Congratulations to our program’s Associate Leader Dr. Marcel Behr for getting the CIHR Foundation Grant!

June 4, 2016: Congratulations to our Program Leader Dr. Erwin Schurr for leading a 5 year NIH international multi-center grant on TB/HIV!

June 3, 2016: Congratulations to our trainees for best poster & oral presentations at TB research day! http://bit.ly/21ip8zD

May 9, 2016: Our program member Dr. Martin Olivier received a Wardle Award in recognition of outstanding contributions in parasitology & immunology!

May 4, 2016: Two of our members: Drs. Jesse Papenburg and Cedric Yansouni were awarded FRQS’s Établissement de jeunes chercheurs cliniciens – Junior 1.

Apr. 22, 2016: The winners of our 1st IDIGH Research Day Trainee Presentations are….
Best oral presentations:
-1st place ($600): Jenn Marton, trainee of Dr. Silvia Vidal
-2nd place ($300): Vinicius Fava, trainee of Dr. Erwin Schurr
Best poster presentations:
-1st place ($600): Jeremy Manry, trainee of Dr. Erwin Schurr
-2nd place ($300): Breanna Hodgins, trainee of Dr. Brian Ward

Apr. 15, 2016: Our members Drs. Don Vinh, Don Sheppard and Marcel Behr are part of the winning teams of the recent RI-MUHC Merck Competition! Bravo!

Apr. 8, 2016: Popular kiosk from our members Dr. Momar Nadao & Alessandra Ricciardi for the Toonie Challenge 2016!

Feb. 17, 2016: Congratulations to our Post-doc Fellow (Dr. Erwin Schurr’s group) Vinicious Fava for receiving a McGill MedStar Award in recognition for his excellent research!

Feb. 12, 2016: Our member Dr. Cedric Yansouni just awarded two industrial grants with BD Biosciences and BioMérieux for disease diagnostics & prevention!

Feb. 9, 2016 The first IDIGH Program Trainee Travel Awards competition has concluded! And the winners are…
Robyn Lee (Ph.D. student of Dr. Marcel Behr), Keystone Symposia (USA): $1,500
Vinicius Medeiros Fava (PDF of Dr. Erwin Schurr), The 13th International Congress of Human Genetics (Japan): $2,000
Cynthia Kanagaratham (Ph.D. student of Dr. Danuta Radzioch), ATS Conference (USA): $1,500

Feb. 8, 2016 Recent recipients of prestigious grants:
– DoD grants (Drs. Don Sheppard, Don Vinh, Momar Ndao, Sasha Bernatsky)
– CIHR-Industry grant (Drs. Momar Ndao and Brian Ward)
– Rare Disease Foundation Microgrant (Dr. Don Vinh)
– Dr. Theresa Gyorkos for her approval of WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Parasite Epidemiology and Control
– Canada Research Chair in Translational Epidemiology and Global Health (Dr. Madhu Pai)

IDIGH Program trainees who have 1st author publications in year 2015:
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  • Mark Lee (Don Sheppard’s group)
  • Erwin Schurr’s group
  • Joyce Rauch’s group
  • Vanessa Diniz Atayde
  • Joanne Krief
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  • Joanne Krief
  • Jing Liu

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  • Marianna Orlova
  • Angela Brewer

Members of the IDIGH Trainee Committee

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Winners of the IDIGH Program Trainee Committee name and logo contests:

  • Winner of the IDIGH Program Trainee Committee name
    Joanne Krief/Jing Liu: RI2GHT (Research in Infection, Immunity & Global Health Trainees)
  • Winner of the IDIGH Program Trainee Committee logo
    Roman Istomine
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