IDIGH Trainee Committee

Past Trainee Committee

In today’s tough job market, trainees need to be well-rounded and versatile in order to standout among competitors. Our IDIGH Program offer opportunities to our graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to develop skills in leadership, event planning, fundraising and event marketing etc. to enrich their training experience and to expand expertise.

Research in Infection, Immunity & Global Health Trainees

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Winner of the IDIGH Trainee Committee name: Joanne Krief and Jing Liu
Winner of the IDIGH Trainee Committee art design: Roman Istomine

The IDIGH Program Trainee Committee consists of volunteers of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows who like the rewarding and memorable experience of being part of the committee.

IMG_8388Presidents of the Research Day Committee
Marwan Ghanem and Sanket Kant
Organizers of the Work in Progress Seminars
Alessandra Ricciardi, Alexia De Simone and Sabrina Bartolucci
Other Members of Trainee Committee
Tho al Aubodah
Sabrina Bartolucci
Alexia De Simone
Hilary Hendin
Breanna Hodgins
Nneoma Igbokwe
Roman Istomine
Zahra Kiani
Maxime Lemieux
Vikram Mehraj
Madlen Nash
Rosalie Ponte
James Stewart
Nicolas Zelt

Our IDIGH Program Trainee Committee is in charge or actively involved in the following:

-The IDIGH Program Trainee Work in Progress Seminar Series
-The IDIGH Program Research Day
-The IDIGH Program Social Activities, e.g. student picnics, year-end party, informal get together, etc.
-The IDIGH Management Committee

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Photo on left (left to right) Marwan Ghanem, Alessandra Ricciardi, & Sanket Kant
Photo on right (left to right) James Stewart, Maxime Lemieux & Sabrina Bartolucci  (Photos by Jing Liu)