IDIGH Research Keywords

The researchers of the IDIGH Program have diverse expertise in the fields of infectious diseases and immunity. Below is a snapshot of the research interests of our IDIGH program members. This keyword database is also useful for matching grant opportunities and collaborations.

 Name  Research Keywords
Afif, Waqqas Inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, biologic medications, therapeutic drug monitoring
Albuquerque, Rubens Implant prosthesis, dental implants, oral microbiome, oral microbiota, clinical trials
Behr, Marcel Tuberculosis, molecular epidmeiology, BCG vaccine, innnate immunity, Crohn’s disease
Ben-Shoshan, Moshe Food allergy, anaphylaxis, immunodeficiency, chronic urticaria
Bernard, Nicole HIV/AIDS, cellular Immunology, correlates of HIV protection, NK cells, T cells, NK cell receptors, NK cell functions, flow cytometry, HLA, killer imminoglobulin-like receptors
Bernatsky, Sasha Epidemiology, systemic lupus, rheumatic disease
Bessissow, Talat Inflammatory bowel disease
Bitton, Alain Inflammatory bowel disease
Brassard, Paul Cancer, Aboriginal health, infectious diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, human papillomavirus, tuberculosis, epidemiology, pharmaco-epidemiology
Brouillette, Marie-Josee Cognition in HIV, depression, rasch analysis
Colmegna, Inés Rheumatoid arthritis, mesenchymal stromal cells, hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells, cellular aging
Costiniuk, Cecilia HIV ; HIV reservoirs, chronic lung disease, pulmonary inflammation, pulmonary immunity
De Pokomandy, Alexandra Human papillomavirus, HPV, HIV, primary care
Dendukuri, Nandini Biostatistics, Bayesian statistics, diagnostic test evaluation, latent class models, meta-analysis, health technology assessment
Di Battista, John Inflammation, arthritis, eicosanoids, GPCRs, cell signaling, gene expression, transcriptional regulation,  post-translational modifications, proteomics, epigenetics.
Gyorkos, Theresa Global health, parasite epidemiology, neglected tropical diseases
Joseph, Lawrence Bayesian biostatistics, epidemiology, diagnostic tests, research design
Klein, Marina HIV, Hepatitis C, antivirals, clinical trials, epidemiology, observational research, prospective cohort, vulnerable populations
Le blanc, Roger HIV drug longterm safety
Lebel, Pierre MALDI-TOF, FTRI, Bacterial identification, molecular biology, clinical microbiology
Lebouché, Bertrand HIV care, biomedical HIV prevention, patient-reported outcomes, HIV screening, patient engagement, men who have sex with men
Lee, Todd Antibiotic stewardship, quality improvement, patient safety, high value healthcare, antibiotic resistance epidemiology.
Libman, Michael Tropical diseases, parasitology, travel medicine, epidemiology
Loo, Vivian Clostridium difficile, healthcare-associated infections, infection control
Nashi, Emil B cells, signaling, genetics, autoimmune disease, lupus.
Ndao, Momar Infectious diseases, parastic infections, host-parasite interactions, malaria
Noya, Francisco Vaccines, clinical trials, asthma (pediatric), written action plan, clinical practice evaluation
Olivier, Martin Innate immunity, inflammation, host-pathogen interaction, vaccine
Pai, Nitika HIV/related co-infections (Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, Syphilis, TB), point of care technologies, innovations, screening, global health, Mhealth
Pai, Madhukar Tuberculosis, diagnostics, epidemiology, global health, implementation research
Papenburg, Jesse Influenza, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), children, epidemiology, diagnosis, disease severity, respiratory infections, virology
Piccirillo, Ciro Immune regulation, T cells, regulatory T cells, autoimmune disease, infections, chronic inflammatory disorders, type 1 diabetes, rheumatic diseases, mouse models, biomarkers, immune monitoring
Quach, Caroline Vaccine preventable diseases; healthcare-associated infections; epidemiology; clinical trials; pediatricsaccine preventable diseases; healthcare-associated infections; epidemiology; clinical trials; pediatrics
Radzioch, Danuta Inflammation, animal models, translational research, lipid imbalance, gene expression regulation
Rauch, Joyce Autoimmune disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, anti-phospholipid syndrome, murine models, cell death
Reed, Michael Mycobacterium tuberculosis, molecular microbiology, bacterial pathogenesis
Routy, Jean-Pierre HIV, immunotherapy, therapeutic vaccine, immunology, infectious diseases, T-cell, primary HIV Infection, lymphomas, Kaposi’s sarcoma
Rubin, Earl Vaccine development
Schurr, Erwin Genetic epidemiology, tuberculosis, leprosy
Sebastiani, Giada Hepatitis C, hepatitis B, fatty liver, liver fibrosis, biomarkers, HIV
Seidman, Ernest Inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, celiac disease, translational research, genetics, colon cancer, mucosal immunology, vitamin D, pediatrics
Semret, Makeda Hospital infections, infection control, molecular diagnostics, antimicrobial resistance
Sheehan, Nancy Pharmacokinetics, pharmacometrics, HIV, HCV, therapeutic drug monitoring
Sheppard, Don Medical mycology, Aspergillus, biofilms, host-pathogen interactions
Tchervenkov, Jean Antibody mediated rejection, Transplantation immunology, T and B cell Immunology, Tolerance, kidney reperfusion injury
Tsoukas, Chris Immune risk phenotype, inflammation, biomarkers, cardiovascular, immunopathology, cohort studies, T cell activation, primary immune deficiency.
Turcotte, Bernard Pathogenic fungi, Candida glabrata, drug resistance, gene expression, transcription factors, genome-wide analysis
Vinet, Évelyne Administrative databases, clinical epidemiology, health outcomes
Vinh, Donald Primary immunodeficiency, molecular genetics, translational research, genetic susceptibility to infectious diseases, functional immunology, fungal diseases, viral diseases, defects in monocytes & macrophages, neutrophil defects
Ward, Brian Vaccines, respiratory viruses, international health, parasitology, diagnostics
Yansouni, Cédric Diagnostics, tropical medicine, parasitic infections, neglected tropical diseases, enteric infections, circumpolar health